Sunderland parents among lowest spenders on school holidays – despite forking out £1,283.92 keeping children entertained

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Parents in Sunderland will fork out more than £1,200 to keep their children entertained in the school holidays, according to new research.

But despite spending an average of more than £1,283.92 on treats, trips and holidays, the eye-watering sum is still one of the lowest in the UK.

Researchers working on behalf of Travelodge asked 2,000 British parents how much they would spend – and on what.

The £1,283.92 spent by Sunderland parents breaks down as:

•£564.55 on short breaks and holidays

•£254.95 on treats and gifts

•£96.18 on childcare

The report also reveals that the average parent in Sunderland has to take ten days off work in order to look after their children during the summer holidays.

The biggest spenders are in Worcester, where the average family will spend £1925.66 on keeping the kids entertained.

This includes a whopping £800.97 on holidays and short breaks. The next biggest spenders are in Cambridge (£1759.92) and York (£1748.10).

On the opposite end of the scale, the lowest spenders are in Hull where parents will still spend an average of £920.10.

Making up bottom three spenders are families in Wrexham (£1053.27) and Gloucester (£1060.95).

The report also revealed that taking a traditional two-week family holiday is becoming a thing of the past for parents in Sunderland.

This summer just 18% are taking a fortnight break, down from 25% last year.

Research found Sunderland families were instead taking several short breaks – made up of an average of two breaks and eight day trips, giving children multiple breaks to look forward to.

When asked, 81% of parents in Sunderland said shorter breaks offered better value and help alleviated the problem of boredom during the school holidays.

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge Spokeswoman said: “Keeping the children entertained over seven weeks during the summer school holidays is no easy feat.

“Therefore resourceful parents are breaking up the traditional two week summer break into lots of small fun holidays.

“By doing this, families can explore different locations and it provides a stream of fun things for the children to look forward to.

“Taking a short break is a popular activity for families as it provides cost effective escapism. During the last 12 months we have seen a double digit increase in the number of families taking in several locations during one trip. Such a trip generally incorporates a seaside, rural and city break within the one trip.”

Highest Spenders

Worcester - £1925.66

Cambridge - £1759.82

York - £1748.21

Newcastle - £1717.10

Leicester - £1671.17

Chelmsford - £1623.66

London - £1570.67

Manchester - £1567.09

Wolverhampton - £1532.47

Brighton - £1524.45

Lowest Spenders

Hull - £920.10

Wrexham - £1053.27

Gloucester - £1060.95

Southampton - £1129.26

Cardiff - £1160.89

Coventry - £1193.16

Glasgow - £1204.65

Sunderland - £1283.92

Norwich - £1289.40

Birmingham - 1309.70