Sunderland mum left haunted by seeing pet dog savaged to death

A Sunderland mum says she is still haunted by the horrific dog attack which killed her beloved family pet.

Wednesday, 17th October 2018, 9:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th October 2018, 9:28 am
Claire Burlinson's dog Patch was mauled to death by a Bull Mastiff.
Claire Burlinson's dog Patch was mauled to death by a Bull Mastiff.

Jack Russell terrier Patch was savaged to death by a Bull Mastiff called Rocky while being walked by owner Claire Louise Burlinson and her three-year-old son Kian, in June.

Kane Quinn, who was walking the mastiff on behalf of his brother, admitted being in charge of a dangerous dog when he appeared before Sunderland Magistrates Court yesterday,

Patch the Jack Russell terrier who was savaged to death in the street.

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Quinn, 19, of Neville Road, Sunderland, was ordered to pay Claire £500, plus costs of £205, and disqualified from keeping any pet for three years.

Rocky was made the subject of a contingency destruction order, which means he must be neutered, and kept muzzled, and on a lead at all times in public.

Claire welcomed news that the dog would have to be kept under control in future.

“It’s not going to bring Patch back but I am pleased about that,” she said.

“I would have preferred the dog to be put down, then I would know there was no risk of it happening again, but as long as they do what the court has ordered them to do, then I can’t see that happening.”

Daughter Summer, 10, has asked about getting another pet, but Claire, of Shepherd Street, has not been able to bring herself to replace Patch.

“My son is still quite unsure around dogs,” she said.

“He used to love to stroke them but now he is very stand-offish - he has got to see me stroke them before he does so.

“This has been really traumatic for us. I have had to take my son to the doctor because he was crying out in his sleep and hiding under his bed.

“I can’t bring myself to have another dog.

“I would not with this on anybody - it was not nice.”