Sunderland mum leaves coats around city to keep homeless warm this winter

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A Sunderland mum has joined an internet sensation after her own heart-felt gesture to help homeless people.

Andrea Lisa Robson, 42, of Town End Farm, posted a picture on Facebook after she left a coat fastened to a lamppost at Park Lane Interchange, tagged with a caring message, which has gone viral.

It all started from a trend that started in Halifax, Canada, where a group of people tied coats, scarves and hats to lamp posts, benches and bus shelters.

The tag reads “I am not lost! If you are stuck out in the cold, please take me to keep warm!”

The concept of the act is to donate old items of clothing, tying them to the streets to make available and accessible to someone who may need them there and then.

Ms Robson’s post, which was put on Facebook, had almost 3,000 likes and more than 1,000 shares within six hours after it was posted.

Andrea is also offering to help out by turning her salon, in Castletown, into a drop-off point for items of charity that people would like to donate.