Sunderland MP to launch 'Brexit survey'

Sharon Hodgson MP.
Sharon Hodgson MP.

A Wearside MP is to launch a Brexit survey, it has been announced.

Sharon Hodgson, who represents Washington and Sunderland West and is Shadow Minister for Public Health, says she wants to hear from as many of her local constituents as possible on the issue.

Brexiteers celebrate Sunderland voting for Britain to leave the EU on referendum night in June 2016.

Brexiteers celebrate Sunderland voting for Britain to leave the EU on referendum night in June 2016.

It will be the second consultation that Mrs Hodgson has undertaken since the EU Referendum of 2016.

Sunderland was the first city to declare to leave the EU on referendum night, as more than 60% of those who cast their vote called for Britain to exit the organisation.

The questions focus on a number of issues, including potential future scenarios, reasons for voting behaviour in the initial referendum, and overall opinions on the Brexit process.

Questions in the survey include:

*If you voted in the EU Referendum but would not vote again today, why?

*If you voted Leave in the EU Referendum how would you vote if it was asked today?

*What should happen if the Government does not reach a deal with the EU?

Mrs Hodgson said: "Despite it being over two years since the referendum, the Government appears to remain bitterly divided when it comes to the nature of Brexit, and the uncertainty is already having a negative impact on people’s lives, and businesses in my constituency.

"As many people will know, I campaigned and voted to remain in the EU.

"However, I recognise that a majority of people voted to leave, and ultimately I respect the result of the referendum.

"I therefore want to hear from as many people as possible in order to ensure that I am representing my constituents in the best way possible.

"We are approaching a key moment in this process, and there will be some difficult choices to make about the future of our relationship with the EU.

"However people voted in the initial referendum, I know that they did not vote to be worse off than they were before.

"The Government has a responsibility to deliver a deal that works for everyone, and if they are unable to do so, I want to hear what my constituents think should happen next."

Those living within Mrs Hodgson's constituency can fill out the survey by going to or by contacting her constituency office to request a paper version.