Sunderland man sent ‘sick’ emails to care worker

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A MAN sent graphic and disturbing emails to a care worker.

Stuart Griffin, from Sunderland, sent two emails to a business account which was monitored by the woman.

She was so upset by the messages that she reported them to police, who traced unemployed Griffin through his email address.

He pleaded guilty at Sunderland Magistrates’ Court to one offence of sending a malicious communication.

Clare Irving, prosecuting, said the woman was checking the email account at about 8.30am on July 1 when she saw the two messages, which had been sent at 10.09am and 10.10am the previous day.

She added: “She said both the emails were sick and disturbing, as they contained graphic details of killing people and serial killers.

“She was concerned that the person might have carried out the threats and harmed a member of the public or themselves.

“Her main concern was for public safety.

Angus Westgarth, defending, said 39-year-old Griffin suffered from a severe case of Tourette’s syndrome, which caused him problems daily, especially in his shared accommodation in Azalea Lodge, near Sunderland city centre.

“As soon as he steps out in to the public arena, there are people who will scoff at him and make his life very awkward,” he said.

“He gets a rough ride where ever he goes, but in an establishment such as this, they make his life very uncomfortable indeed.

“He tries to work with mental health agencies and other agencies, but there comes a point where it spills over.

“He is looking for other accommodation and he wants other accommodation, but because of his condition, not many will take him on.”

The court heard that Griffin would become so distressed that he would self-harm by biting his hands.

Mr Westgarth added: “This is a mental health worker. I sure she gets into many more stressful situations than reading a couple of emails.

“Of course, she was concerned and fearful, but I’m sure she gets much worse than that.”

Magistrates fined Griffin £110 and ordered he pay a £20 victim surcharge.