Sunderland man handed criminal behaviour order following drunken rants at schoolchildren

Samuel Maskell.
Samuel Maskell.

A man has been handed a criminal behaviour order by police after repeatedly causing trouble in his neighbourhood.

Officers at the Sunderland North neighbourhood policing team had received a number of reports of Samuel Maskell, 22, causing trouble in the Roker area of the city.

He had been reported to get drunk and shout abuse at local people and schoolchildren in the area.

Maskell has also been reported as entering into racist and homophobic rants in the street.

His behaviour has led to increased tensions in the area and concerns that Maskell was putting himself at risk.

Now police have taken action after a spate of incidents and they have now obtained a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) to ensure he cannot cause any further problems in the community.

Neighbourhood Inspector Donald Wade said: "Samuel Maskell has caused a significant amount of unrest in the Roker area of the city and a number of concerns have been raised with our officers.

"We want to reassure members of the public that we have taken their concerns on board and used these relatively new powers to try and reduce the impact he has on the local community.

"Local people should not take the law into their own hands and should always contact police so that we can take appropriate steps to ensure offenders are dealt with in a proportionate manner.

"There are a number of conditions on this order that will restrict the impact Maskell can have on the people on Sunderland and if he breaches the conditions then he will find himself back in court.

The order means that Maskell cannot go within 100 metres of an address on Sea View Gardens in Sunderland and that he cannot act in an anti-social manner in the city of Sunderland or incite others to do so.

It also means he cannot cause harassment alarm or distress to anyone not of the same household, not to be drunk in a public place or be in possession of an open container of alcohol, except on licensed premises and he cannot loiter within 200 metres of a school.

If Maskell is found to have breached the order then he could face arrest and a possible jail sentence

Police say they encourage anyone who finds Maskell to have breached any of the terms of the order to get in touch with local officers on 101 quoting srn 805546.