Sunderland man attacked his mum with a hammer and then stabbed her

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A SON who bludgeoned then stabbed his elderly mother has been detained indefinitely for the protection of the public.

David Trickett inflicted eight hammer wounds and three fractures to Shirley Trickett’s head before thrusting a 22inch knife so hard into her chest that the handle snapped.

Mrs Trickett suffered bleeding on the brain in the attack.

When police arrived at the flat the mum and son shared at Viewforth Terrace, Sunderland, Mrs Trickett was in her blood-soaked bedroom clutching the telephone she had used to call for help.

The 74-year-old had told the emergency operator she feared she was going to bleed to death.

Despite her injuries, Mrs Trickett was in court to see her son sentenced and had not wished him to be prosecuted.

The court heard Trickett, 43, who had not been taking his anti-psychotic medication properly, said he had been hearing voices telling him to attack.

After the assault he and his mum both rang the emergency services.

Prosecutor Tom Moran told the court: “When police went in it was apparent immediately his mother had been subjected to a ferocious attack with a hammer and also a knife.”

While being taken to hospital Mrs Trickett, who was conscious but in shock, managed to give some information about what had happened to her.

Mr Moran said: “She said the defendant had been pacing around as if he couldn’t sleep and had come into her bedroom and asked for medication, she declined to give him any.

“She saw him with a hammer and thought she had been hit about four times.

“She describes him talking nonsense while the was hitting her.

“After hitting her with the hammer he then left the room, went out and got the knife, went back and stabbed her in the chest.

“She never, because of deep love for her son, actually provided a formal police statement.”

The court heard the knife used in the attack had been kept amongst Trickett’s fishing gear in his bedroom and had a blade 22cm in length.

Blood from the hammer attack had spattered onto the ceiling in Mrs Trickett’s bedroom where it took place.

Trickett pleaded guilty to wounding with intent at an earlier hearing.

Judge Esmond Faulks told Trickett: “At the moment you present a severe danger to members of the public.

“It is my duty to protect the public by passing an indefinite sentence.”

Trickett was told he must spend at least five years in a psychiatric hospital, less the time he had already served on remand, before he can apply for release.

The judge ordered that Trickett will remain in hospital unless his treatment fails, whereupon he will be sent to prison.

The judge said the attack on Mrs Trickett was “ferocious” and added: “You hit her at least six times with a hammer and not satisfied with that you left her bedroom, went back to obtain a sharp filleting knife which you went back and used to stab her in the chest.

“You stabbed her with such ferocity the knife itself snapped.”

The court heard Trickett has a history of mental health problems going back over 20 years and has always been supported by his “long suffering” mum.

Bob Spragg, defending, said Trickett had struggled to come to terms with what he did that night.