Sunderland legend Jimmy Montgomery helps tackle men’s health

Jimmy Montgomery's famous 1973 save
Jimmy Montgomery's famous 1973 save
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SUNDERLAND football legend Jimmy Montgomery is pledging his support to the Echo’s Tackling Men’s Health campaign.

The former Sunderland stopper, who made 627 appearances between 1964 and 1977, says he wants to see the health of men in his home city improve.

Southwick-born Jimmy, 67, who still lives in Sunderland, said regular exercise is the key to feeling good in body and mind.

“I’ve got to say my health’s been brilliant in recent years,” he said.

“I still try to keep as active as possible.

“I get out in my garden, go swimming and have a sauna and steam session a few times a week.

“I go for regular checks at the doctors.”

Jimmy, who has only recently given up coaching youngsters, says he still keeps in shape by leading a healthy and varied lifestyle.

“I’m always active really.”

Jimmy added that he feels alcohol and weight problems are the main health issues which men need to face up to.

“I feel that we have to watch what we drink,” he said.

“Even when I go to the Sunderland matches I drive so I’m not drinking alcohol.

“I think it’s what people put in their mouth that is most important.

“Obesity is obviously a big problem.

“It’s the quantities that can cause them, of course.

“Sometimes you see people going back for second and third portions.

“That sort of thing is unhealthy.”

Jimmy, hero of the 1973 FA Cup Final, also urged men not to be hesitant about getting themselves checked out if they have health problems.

He added: “I get the bowel cancer screening test every year and I go to my GP for the odd little thing if I feel that I need to.

“If men have anything which they feel is a problem they should just go and get it checked.

“You never know what could happen if you don’t do that.”

Sunderland AFC chairman Niall Quinn and players Bolo Zenden and Jordan Henderson have already given their backing to Tackling Men’s Health.

The Echo has teamed up with Sunderland AFC, City Hospitals Sunderland and Sunderland Teaching Primary Care Trust for the campaign.

We’re encouraging men across Wearside to look after their health, whether it’s through lifestyle changes such as losing weight or quitting smoking, being aware of symptoms and causes of common conditions, or visiting the doctor about any concerns.