Sunderland labelled country's unprotected sex capital

Sunderland's Wearmouth Bridge.
Sunderland's Wearmouth Bridge.

New research labels Sunderland as the country's unprotected sex capital with only one in four people insisting on using a condom.

ONE Condoms questioned thousands of people nationwide in an attempt to understand attitudes of young people towards sex and sexual opportunism.

The results of the company's Sunderland research also included:

* Forty-two per cent of 18-24 year olds have had sex with someone they didn’t know;

* Almost half (42%) have had sex with someone they knew to be in a relationship;

* Despite sexual encounters breaking up friendships (25%), partnerships (33%) and even losing jobs (17%), 25% admit they’d do it again;

* Forty-two per cent would cheat on their partners if it was guaranteed their partner wouldn't find out;

* Forty-five per cent believe men are unable to control themselves when confronted with clear sexual advance compared with 28% of women;

* Twenty-six per cent of men versus 8% of women would be ‘up for it’ if someone came up to them and wanted sex.

Middlesbrough came second for unprotected sex with only 38% insisting on a condom while Carlisle was third at 40%.

Alix Fox, ONE Ambassador and co-presenter of BBC Radio 1's upcoming Unexpected Fluids sex show, said: "When it comes to condoms, my motto is 'Be the carrying type, even if you're not the marrying type'.

"I hear from so many people who’ve gone on dates with low expectations of hitting it off, or who’ve sworn to themselves that they won’t have sex yet, so they haven’t brought protection as a means of strengthening their resolve.

"But then the chemistry has proved irresistible and they’ve ended up having risky unprotected sex.

"Keep condoms on you so that if the night goes surprisingly well, you’re covered."

Louise Ball, marketing manager for One Condoms, said: “We want all young people to enjoy consensual sex with whoever they choose to do it with, and to be experimental as they figure out what they like.

"But we also want them to be safe. It’s concerning to see such low figures of condom use especially in these three cities.

“In light of this research ONE Condoms will be in Sunderland, Middlesbrough and Carlisle, giving away free condoms over the coming months.

"We hope to encourage a safe sex conversation around the cities' nightclubs, clinics and universities with our fun and unusual design.”