Sunderland grandmother who used to hide under a coat sheds nearly SEVEN STONE in just 27 WEEKS

A Sunderland grandmother who used to be so unhappy with her size that she would hide under a coat, has undergone an incredible transformation after shedding more than six and a half stone.

Monday, 22nd October 2018, 6:00 am
Lisa Stewart who has lost more than 6st.

Lisa Stewart, 48, is now half her former dress size after deciding she wanted to be there to care for her family.

The mum-of-eight, who has six grandchildren, joined Slimming World at Grangetown Community Centre, back in April this year.

Lisa Stewart has undergone an incredible transformation.

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And in just 27 weeks she has managed to shed an impressive 6st 12lb.

Lisa, from Knoll Road, has gone from weighing 17st 10lb and a size 22 to weighing just 10st 12lb and is now a slender 10-12, after re-hauling her diet with the support of the weight-loss group.

Along with the help of her husband Gary, Lisa is a full-time carer for one of her children who has autism.

Her busy family life and poor diet was taking its toll and Lisa knew it was time to act to improve her health.

Lisa Stewart wanted to lose the weight to be there for her children.

She said: “I was sick of rolling out of bed each day and I knew I needed to act for health reasons.

“My dad John Mcewan died two years ago and he was the same weight as me before.

“He was a big man and had problems with his kidneys and passed away aged 74.”

She continued: “I joined a few times before but when I joined Slimming World this time I decided that I was doing to do it 100%.

Lisa now feels more confident after her weight loss.

“I decided that I was really going to go for it as I wanted to be able to run around after my children and my grandchildren.

Lisa’s children age from 16 to 29, while her grandchildren are aged from eight months to 12 years old.

Since her weight loss, Lisa has noticed she now has more energy to keep up with them.

She added: “I am much more energetic and now go to the gym three times and week with some of the lasses from Slimming World and I also do more walking.

Lisa Stewart has even won a Slimming World award for her weight loss.

“Before Slimming World I would be walking down to pick up the grandkids and would eat a few KitKats just walking down before coming home to eat a whole packet of biscuits.

“But now if I have a snack it is just a Slimming World bar or some fruit and all my meals are home made.
“I feel much more confident now.
“Before I would cover myself up and wear a coat all year round to hide myself and not speak to people.

“But now I can wear what I want when I want and am happy speaking to people.”

Diet before:

Breakfast- English breakfast.

Lunch- Meals from a cafe such as fish and chips.

Lisa Stewart after shedding the weight.

Dinner- Nothing.
Snacks - Number of KitKats, whole packet of biscuits, toast, sandwiches.

Diet after:

Breakfast- Cereal bar.

Lunch- Quiche and salad.

Dinner- Meals such as home made curry or lasagne.
Snacks - Slimming World bar or fruit.

Lisa Stewart before she shed the weight.
Lisa Stewart before her weight loss.