Sunderland graduate wins Miss Canada crown

Miss Canada Annora Bourgeau
Miss Canada Annora Bourgeau
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A FORMER Sunderland student is in the running to scoop a global title and become Miss World thanks to the inspiration she found while studying in the UK.

Wearside inspired an international beauty queen to challenge for Miss World after studying at Sunderland University and experiencing cultures from across the world.

The former Sunderland student Annora Bourgeault, the winner of Miss World Canada, is focusing on multiculturalism in her attempts to win the title in December in London.

The 21-year-old will be hoping to beat 126 contestants and wow the judges with her talent and beauty. She has already been successful in representing her country after succeeding in beating more than 40 contestants from Canada earlier this year.

During the talent show Annora will speak to the packed audience and judges about multiculturalism after spending time living and studying in Sunderland in 2012/13. She will speak positively about how it is important for the world to be a better place and her experiences in the UK.

She said: “It was during my time attending the University of Sunderland that I began to truly appreciate the importance of this community ideal. During my time in Sunderland I grew to know people of many backgrounds. Some were from Sunderland itself, some from Germany, Spain, America, China, and many more countries.

“As I surrounded myself with these people of varied backgrounds a dialogue among friends was created rich with varying opinions, stories, and viewpoints. Topics were posed which I had not considered in the past because my cultural background did not beg the question to be asked. I now believe a multicultural viewpoint allows questions to be answered and issues to be solved in a more educated and versatile way. Multicultural ideals create a stronger nation and allow each individual and cultural background to be heard and considered. The Miss World 2014 pageant provides an opportunity for the message to spread throughout the world.”

Following the completion of the competition, Annora hopes to continue her studies and become a Doctor of Counselling Psychology. The competition is now in its 64th year and is this year held at ExCel London on Sunday, December 14. Annora also volunteers as an international student representative to international students to Canada.

She added: “During my time in Sunderland I also attended history classes and these had a particular focus on local history I felt that the class provided me with knowledge that allowed me to better understand the area I was living in. The class connected Sunderland with the country’s history and gave me a more educated view and appreciation of the area.”

Annora studied during the 2012/13 year at the University of Sunderland as part of a study abroad programme between University of Regina and Sunderland University.

Sunderland also offers UK students to spend some time of their study abroad with partners in Australia, Canada, the USA and many countries across Europe.

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