Sunderland girl trapped in Asda travelator

Jessica MacDonald, seven, and her brother Nicholas, four.
Jessica MacDonald, seven, and her brother Nicholas, four.
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A MUM watched in horror as her daughter’s shoelace caught in a supermarket’s travelator pulling her shoe so tight she was unable to remove it.

Helen MacDonald, 34, was powerless to do anything as she watched seven-year-old Jessica’s get stuck on the moving staircase at Leechmere Asda.

As well as Jessica, Helen was with son Nicholas, four, and nephew Ryan Davies, seven. Having hold of the trolley, she says she was unable to reach the emergency stop button.

“I couldn’t do anything as I couldn’t leave go of the trolley to push stop button, which I couldn’t see anyway, as the trolley would have just been pushed into her,” Helen said. “Instead, I had to keep yanking the trolley backwards so it didn’t hit her.”

As this was going on, little Nicholas was flung back and forward in the trolley’s seat, causing cuts and bruising to his stomach.

Helen said fellow shoppers came to her aid with two women trying in vain to free Jessica’s foot from her shoe.

Helen said. “My daughter could have been seriously hurt. The emergency stop button should be placed in a better postion in case of emergencies like this. If it was, I would have been in a position to stop it. I hope no one else has to face the fear I did.”

Grangetown Primary pupil Jessica, who also lives with dad Michael, 29, and brother James, nine, in Hendon, has been after shaken by the incident – as has her mother.

Helen added: “I think I was more scared than her because I knew the danger. I was thinking ‘what if it drags her in and rips through her skin?’ She also tried to put her hand there to free herself.”

Helen now wants to thank the people who came to her assistance. “I never got a chance to thank them properly,” she added. “I felt so relieved that the public were helping.”

An Asda spokesman said: “The safety of our customers is always a top priority which is why we have a number of safety features on all our travelators. These features prevented a more serious incident and a full review of the equipment was carried out as soon as we were made aware of the situation.”