Sunderland fans react to Di Canio

Brian Passmore
Brian Passmore
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SHOCKED Sunderland fans say that after a Bank Holiday weekend of surprises, they hope the new SAFC manager can bring some spark to the club.

  David Fairbairn, 30, a garage owner from Seaburn, said: “I think it is a little bit too late in the season to be changing managers. I’m not sure if Di Canio is the right man for the job.

 “I am not bothered about his personal views, just what he gets the players to do on the pitch to keep us up.”

 Retired Brian Passmore, 64, of Hill View, said: “I think it is a bad choice, but, of course, if he keeps us up, I will be saying well done.

 “He is a bit volatile. I hate people being fascists, but they are his own beliefs, as long as he doesn’t bring them into the ground.”

 Paul McDowell, 48, from Peterlee, who works in manufacturing, said that after the club sacked O’Neill, they had to do something quickly to replace him.

 He said: “Only time will tell if it is a good appointment.”

 Faye Duncan, a 28-year-old office worker from Red House, said she was delighted with the appointment.

 She said: “I think it is really good. He has quite a lot of passion, and that’s what we need for the derby.”

 Glenda Dawson-King, 59, an administrator from the Graystoke area in the city, said: “I think it is a good appointment, a positive move.”

 She said there’s nothing wrong with a bit of passion in a manager, but he should keep his political views out of things.

 Project manager Denise Johnson, 46, of Featherstone Street, Roker, said the new appointment had been the talk of her family.

 She said: “I was really surprised by what happened. They should have given O’Neill a bit more time, but I suppose they need to give someone else a chance.

 “I think there will be a lot of support for Di Canio. It is a good appointment.”

 Bryan Haley, 56, from Grangetown, said: “I think with seven games to go, they should have stuck with O’Neill or just got someone in as a stop-gap, not appoint a new manager.

 “I am surprised at the appointment, but it could have been worse.

 “A person’s own politics is on their own conscience.

 “I am just bothered about the football team.”

 Daniel King, 26, a student nurse from Woodville Crescent, Barnes, said: “Di Canio wouldn’t have been my first choice, but, we do need someone who is going to lift the team and the fans.

 “I have been looking on the Swindon site, and he seems to have done that there, so maybe he can do it for us.”

 Season ticket holder Mary Bradley, 65, retired, from Town End Farm, said: “I was shocked at the appointment at first. I think everyone was. I was thinking he is very fiery, so I was a bit negative, but I just hope he can put some fire into getting us out of the situation we are in at the moment.”

 Lynne Richardson, 52, a teaching assistant from Hylton Castle, said: “He frightens me because he is so fiery, but if he keeps us up he will be a hero.

 “I think his political views should be kept out of it.”