Sunderland fans have their say following open letter from Gus Poyet

Sunderland fans at the Stadium of Light
Sunderland fans at the Stadium of Light
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SUNDERLAND fans have given a mixed reaction to Gus Poyet’s open letter to disgruntled supporters.

Black Cat supporters were quick to have their say on the Echo’s social media pages after Poyet took the unusual step of penning them a letter.

Many praised the Uruguayan for taking the time to explain his stance, but others were less impressed and described the letter as “grovelling excuses”.

On our Sunderland Echo SAFC Facebook page, Eleanor Freeman wrote: “Fair play to him. Time for so-called supporters to get behind him, the team and the club.”

Meanwhile, Dylan Gillespie added: “He is the only manager in my time of watching Sunderland to write to the fans when things are difficult, so credit to him.”

But Paul Jeffries had a different point of view, adding: “Guy’s desperate now.”

For many, three points at the weekend is the only thing that will relieve the pressure on Poyet’s shoulders at the moment.

Fan Steven Sims said: “Only three points will do, nowt else.”

Hilda Bell added: “Hope you succeed in turning things around Gus. A win on Saturday would be a great start.”

Mark Langton said: “The last thing we want to do as Sunderland fans is to boo our team.

“We are proud of our history as being the best fans in the land, making as much noise as possible, whatever the result, but in those days we always had players who would fight tooth and nail.”

David Bell said: “I say fair play to him too. Even the top managers get stick – Ferguson was past it then won the League (again); Wenger IS past it according to fans. Rodgers was a numpty who didn’t know what he was doing a few weeks ago. Poyet has NOT had time for us to properly judge him.

“No time here to get into tactics, but when we couldn’t adequately replace 4/5 first teamers in the summer our target was never much higher than to stay up.

“There’s little between the teams in the bottom half and disharmony between manager and fans will work against us and boost opponents’ confidence. Come on guys!”

But Casper J Gibbons wasn’t convinced, adding: “He’s telling us what we already know and no mention of how we are going to put the right foot forward – Poy8 out.”

Marc King added: “I got the email, but if it’s anything like them grovelling excuses after a match, I’m not interested in reading it cos same slaver and lame reasons why we didn’t win.

“We missed the boat with Sherwood and Pulis I bet Villa and West Brom stay up now.”

There was also a strong reaction on Twitter, with supporters sending their tweets in their droves to @sunechosafc.

Mike Hutton @mike__hutton tweeted: “@sunechosafc Gus has done a good job of reminding fans you cannot expect instant success and what we actually achieved last year.”

@BarryCrompton – Perfectly timed, his best bit of management for a few weeks as this will now lift the crowd for 3pm Saturday.

@eff_tee_emm – maybe he expressed himself badly? Need to give bloke a chance and all stick together until end of season.

@Eagertongue – I’ve been against him, but fair play, impressed.

@MarkA_Wilson – Passionate. Must convince the players to show the same desires too. The slow starts create doubt if he can motivate them

@jabdc5 – doesn’t matter how well intentioned if we lose on Saturday.

@Cyrilsneer2014 – most fans are fully behind Gus. As in any walk of life people with negative opinions make them heard much louder than positive

@jarrascaff – have to agree it needed something like this and hopefully it’ll work by bringing everyone together! However lose sat he’s gone

@TNSAFC18 – I’m sceptical. Knows the consequences of losing to WBA. Preparing a safety net

@niwise – I like it. It’s big of him to write it. Unprecedented from a manager I can think of. Mends a few bridges.

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