Sunderland fans happy with their team’s performance

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SUNDERLAND fans have praised the Black Cats’ performance, despite not getting the result they wanted.

Mark Moon travelled to London on Friday with Steve and Judy Tate.

Steve, 55, who runs Washington Sheet Metal, said: “Two-one would have been a fair result, but we couldn’t get that second goal or push forward hard enough.

“But we gave a good account of ourselves.

“We came down on Friday, had a fantastic weekend, been into London, and had a wonderful time.

“Now we can’t wait fir the FA Cup.”

Judy, 59, added: “Just being here has been great.

“I’m obviously disappointed with the score but they played well.”

Mark Moon, 45, who runs circuit board firm Print Tech, was also in their party and said: “I had to come out because I was so stressed, but we’ve had a great time.”