Sunderland fans are fattest in Premier League - report

Who ate all the pies?

Sunderland fans, according to a new health report.

An online survey from NHS Choices claims that the Black Cats have the Premier League's fattest supporters, munching their way through a mountain of crisps, sweets, pasties and pies.

The poll of 25,000 supporters assessed their health and fitness based on weight, smoking and alcohol consumption.

It revealed that just over half of SAFC fans were an unhealthy weight.

Everton came second in the table, followed by Blackburn, which has the most smokers, and Fulham, which has the most supporters who exceeded the recommended units of alcohol per day.

Newcastle came 16th in the study of 20 clubs.

The Echo asked Sunderland AFC fans what they thought about being branded the most unhealthy.

Colin Metcalf, 63, said: "I don't know if it's true really, it's the sort of food you like at half time. There's a lot more other teams in the group who are unhealthier than Sunderland."

Anne Metcalf, 57, sales assistant, said: "Newcastle are just as bad. Anywhere is just as bad."

Tommy Leng, 53, of Hendon, added: "I'm healthy, get lots of exercise. I've been following the team for 32 years now and Newcastle are the worst."

Owen Imeson, 27, a painter and decorator, from Sunderland, said: "I'm a supporter and would like to think I'm healthy."

Bob Duncan, 68, retired, of Jarrow, said: "I have four pints before and four pints after, but I do normally go for walks from Sunderland to Shields and back on non-match days."

The research is drawn from fans that used an online NHS football fitness tool, available at