Sunderland families back city's firefighters as they reveal struggle in reaching house blaze due to double-parked cars

Echo readers have called on drivers to park more considerately after some of the city's firefighters had their engine blocked by parked cars.

Tuesday, 22nd January 2019, 10:30 am
Updated Tuesday, 22nd January 2019, 10:40 am
The fire service has issued a reminder to residents over 'inconsiderate' parking.

A warning was issued by Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service following a blaze at a Tunstall home on Sunday.

An adult and six children escaped the incident, in which a bedroom TV caught fire, unharmed with the crew only required on the scene for a short time .

The fire service HQ in Washington.

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You took to our Facebook page to share your views on the issue, with some warning that such "inconsiderate" parking could have cost a life.

Others argued that newer housing estates and buildings do not offer enough parking, and that this needs to change.

Here are some of your reactions from the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

Julie Bates: "New housing estates need to have better planning. Most households have at least two cars, and then there are visitors. Many grown up kids still live at home they have cars too. Better planning of housing estates and commercial buildings required. Many new builds and commercial buildings don't have enough parking for the number of staff and visitors!"

Tracey Flynn Chalk: "A lot of newer estates don’t have enough space to park cars safely."

Julie Robins: "It’s crazy especially when people have drives and still park on the road should be fined."

Kathryn Leonard: "I drive minibuses and I’m always saying when trying to squeeze through double parked cars, if I’m struggling how is an ambulance or a fire engine meant to get through, people never think of that. It’s just thoughtless and lazy."

Gordon Greenman: "What if a life had been lost due to their inconsideration."

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Kevin Ackroyd: "People wonder why we have civil enforcement officers this is one reason why."

Graeme Harle: "Just use a bit of common sense when parking, it’s not rocket science."

Peter Hill: "The engines should have a device on the front that just pushes the cars out of the way."

Georgia Broxson: "Something needs to be done and hopefully this helps! It's sometimes a struggle to get my car through never mind a fire engine!"

Phyllis Curry: "Why don't people clear garages of lazy rubbish, use garage for its original use. Take away front garden, block pave for extra cars say cost? Well if households afford three cars then can afford bigger drive keep roads unblocked."

Roland Jason: "Drive through them and make them pay for damage to the fire engine."

Terry Watson: "It’s the same up and down the country. I live outside of Leicester and most residential areas resemble Asda car park on Christmas Eve!! About time local councils addressed this situation."