Sunderland Eye Infirmary team has award in its sights

Deepali Varma, Consultant Ophthalmologist Clinical lead Macular service
Deepali Varma, Consultant Ophthalmologist Clinical lead Macular service
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A DEDICATED team of medics are in line for an award after improving the lives of hundreds of patients with a devastating eye condition.

Staff at Sunderland Eye Infirmary have been put forward for the Macular Disease Society’s annual Clinical Services of the Year Award.

Macular disease causes loss of central vision, which means sufferers can find it difficult to recognise faces and have trouble with everyday activities such as shopping, reading and watching television.

The award nomination highlights the team’s efforts to help improve the treatment, care, and quality of life of people with the condition.

Deepali Varma, consultant ophthalmologist clinical lead of macular service at the infirmary, said: “We are extremely honoured to be nominated for this prestigious national award organised by the Macular Disease Society.

“Our macular team strives to provide patients with excellent health care, so to learn that our work has been appreciated and to be nominated for this award is very inspirational.

“In my role as the clinical lead for the macular service, I get to work with wonderful people and along with my team get an opportunity to look after elderly patients with visual impairment, to treat their retinal degeneration and thus improve their quality of life and maintain their independence as long as possible.

“This opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives is very fulfilling and motivating.”

Peggy Miller, who nominated Mrs Varma and her team, said: “The team always give 110 per cent. They work so hard. The clinic has increased in numbers constantly and they are still a magnificent team. They all quietly and professionally get on with treating us appreciative patients.”

Helen Jackman, chief executive of the Macular Disease Society, said: “Deepali Varma and the team at Sunderland Eye Infirmary do an incredible job and have done so well to be nominated for this award

“It’s amazing to hear how people have made such a difference to the lives of others. There are some fantastic people working within the sector, so it’s great to be able to celebrate their hard work in this way.”

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