Sunderland dad jailed after admitting incest with adult daughter

The case was dealt with at Newcastle Crown Court.
The case was dealt with at Newcastle Crown Court.

A dad who had sex with his estranged daughter when she tracked him down after years of living apart has been put behind bars.

The daughter, who was an adult, had not seen her father since she was a young child and was "delighted" when she managed to find him and that he was pleased to hear from her.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the woman had hoped to establish a family relationship with her dad.

When the daughter visited her fatheR in Sunderland, he took her on a night out around the city's pubs and clubs and she spent the night at his home.

Prosecutor Paul Currer told the court the daughter was woken during the night by her dad's sexual advances and initially thought she was "at home, in her own bed with her husband" but then "froze" when she realised the truth.

Mr Currer said: "She states she did not want this to happen but didn't say anything to stop it.

"She said, however, the defendant would have been aware of her reluctance.

"She simply froze."

The court heard the dad became upset after what happened but then told his daughter he "loved her" and added: "This sort of thing must happen with other fathers and their daughters."

After the incident, the woman remained in touch with her dad for a while but said "he gave me the creeps".

The daughter said in a victim statement: "My father became very needy, as if he would kill himself if I didn't stay in his life."

The woman eventually cut contact again with her dad after what he did.

She reported him to the police last year.

The dad, who is now in his 60s and has no previous convictions, pleaded guilty to incest and has been jailed for 14 months.

Miss Recorder Margia Mostafa told him: "There has been a significant impact on her life after what you did to her."

David Callan, defending, said the dad has worked hard during his life, has never been in trouble before or since the offence and has been "racked with guilt" about it.

Mr Callan added: "He accepts he had sexual intercourse with his daughter.

"He accepts it was wrong."