Sunderland couple celebrate 60 years of happiness together

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Childhood sweethearts from Sunderland are celebrating 60 years of happiness together today.(JUNE 2)

Sheila and George Bevan, 78, met as teenagers when they both lived on Premier Road, in Sunderland, and have been together ever since.

The pair, who now live at Amble Tower, dated from the age of 14, before they married aged 18 at Immaculate Heart of Springwell Church on June 2, 1956.

Sheila, who has been her husband’s carer for the past eight years as he battles heart and lung disease, said the secret to their happy marriage is supporting each other through the hard times.

“We were very young when we met,” she said.
“We became friends and then started going out before we married aged 18.

“Our wedding was a modest affair, we had our reception in a boy scout hut and didn’t have a honeymoon as you didn’t have big affairs in those days.

“Sixty years is a long time, but we always been considerate and been faithful to each other.

“I wouldn’t be without him. We have grown together and have always been open and honest with each other.

“I think couples these days think the grass is greener on the other side, but everybody has bad times and we have gone through hard times over the years.

“We have never been rich with money, but we have always been rich with our family.”

The couple have four children, ten grandchildren, six great-grandchildren and three step-great-grandchidren, who have all been the ‘highlight’ of their lives.

Over the years, George was a former shipyard worker and postman, while Sheila had numerous part-time jobs but was mainly a full-time mum.

The pair enjoyed family holidays at Wallis’s Holiday Camp in Scarborough, as well as maintaining separate hobbies, something Sheila believes is important in any happy marriage.
She said: “George was a really good indoor bowler, while I like to read and sew.

“The important thing is that we are content in each others company.

“We are really proud to celebrate our diamond wedding anniversary, marking 60 years together.”