Sunderland councillor rapped over behaviour complaint

Coun John Scott
Coun John Scott
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MYSTERY surrounds a councillor’s future as a trustee of the Sunderland Empire after a complaint was made against him.

An investigation was launched by Sunderland’s Labour Party after a complaint was made over the behaviour of Shiney Row councillor and Empire trustee John Scott.

Although the party refused to reveal the nature of the allegation, they did claim Coun Scott’s conduct had “fallen short” of expectations.

A spokesman for Sunderland City Council Labour Group said: “Sunderland Labour Group expect the highest level of conduct from our councillors in the way they deal with our hard-working and loyal staff.

“Our Whips have looked into a complaint about the conduct of Councillor John Scott, and have found on this occasion his conduct has fallen short of the level we expect.

“Councillor Scott is deeply sorry for his actions and has apologised to the staff at the Empire. He will also be standing down from the board of Trustees.”

But when Coun Scott was asked about the allegation, he told the Echo he would not be stepping down from his role as a trustee.

Sunderland City Council has declined to comment on the matter.

It is the second time the dad-of-three’s actions have landed him in trouble with party bosses.

Coun Scott, who has represented Shiney Row on Sunderland City Council since 2004, was suspended from the Labour Party for two months last year after being convicted of drink-driving.

The Empire is operated by the Ambassador Theatre Group on behalf of Sunderland City Council.

It works with a trustee committee made up of Labour councillors Jill Fletcher, Celia Gofton, Michael Mordey, Paul Stewart, Richard Tate, Peter Walker, Susan Watson, Thomas Wright, Tory councillor George Howe and five co-opted members.

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