Sunderland council elections: Who will get your vote in Millfield?

The countdown is on for the local elections on May 5. Here are the candidates for the Millfield ward.

Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 2:28 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 3:33 pm
Candidates for the Millfield ward, clockwise, from top left, Gwennyth Gibson, Niall Hodson, Lucky Pemu and Bob Price.

Gwennyth Gibson (Conservative)

I’m standing for election in Millfield because I believe we need more opposition members on the city council.

Labour already has 66 of the 75 council seats.

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We don’t need any more Labour councillors!

We do need more people to hold them to account.

I’m also appalled by the way Labour has let the city centre decline.

The Vaux site is still waiting for its first brick (!) despite millions spent; Sunniside slumbers and prime stores such as Joplings have closed.

There must be strong opposition to provide effective scrutiny.

Following the disgraceful report into Sunderland’s Children’s Service failures and widespread criticism over the lack of development we need an alternative voice in the Council Chamber.

If elected, I promise to work hard all the year round to help improve the quality of life for all ward residents.

Niall Hodson (LibDem)

I live in the ward and believe that we need a truly local councillor who listens to residents and gets things done for our area. I was so fed up with the lack of action from our councillors that I decided to get involved in local politics and to stand as Lib Dem candidate. I have been running campaigns to save regular bin collections, to get potholes and pavements fixed, to crack down on flytipping, and to save lollipop crossing patrols. It is essential that our Council stops wasting money on pet projects, inflated councillor allowances, and expensive consults – and instead focusses resources on providing vital services. I keep in touch with people across Millfield & Thornholme with my regular ‘Focus’ community newsletter – if elected, I will continue to keep in touch and work hard all year round – not just turning up at election time like the others.

Lucky Pemu (Green)

My Name is Lucky Pemu, I am the chairperson of the Kindred Spirit Global CIC.

I am married with three children. I have a Bsc in Sociology and an Msc in Environment Health and Safety obtained from the University of Sunderland.

I run a successful multi- cultural fresh food business situated at The Afro Caribbean Place, 31 Hylton Road Sunderland.

I am using my wealth of experience in the fresh food business to promote healthy eating and address health problems associated with unhealthy food choices.

Empirical evidence have shown links between fast food and chronic illness such as obesity, diabetes and mental health.

It is time for local politicians to take a stand against these high profits low nutrient foods.

As a food merchant, and an environmentalist, I can put forward a knowledge based argument that most of our foods have become a nightmare of pesticides and artificial ingredients.

Vote  Green Party, Vote Lucky Pemu.

Bob Price (Labour)

It was a great honour when I was elected to first serve the people of Millfield in 2012.

My wife had worked as a midwife based for over 30 years at the Royal Hospital and my son has lived in Millfield for over 10 years.

It is an area I care about and know well.

In the last four years I have met with hundreds of local residents at surgeries, community meetings and on the doorstep.

I have a reputation for treating everyone with courtesy and respect and know I have helped many people to try and find solutions to the difficulties they have faced.

Millfield Ward has ongoing problems I am tackling with my ward colleagues – fly tipping, inconsiderate parking and landlords leaving properties in disrepair.

No councillor can solve these problems working alone.

I am proud to be part of a strong Labour team on a council facing savage Government spending cuts.