Sunderland council elections: Who will get your vote in Hendon?

Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 1:36 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 2:39 pm
Candidates for Hendon ward, clockwise, from top left, Syed Ali, Helmut Izaks, Callum Littlemore and Michael Mordey.

Syed Ali (Conservative)

I’m pleased to have been selected by Sunderland Conservatives to stand in the Hendon ward.

If elected I am determined to represent the residents in all sections of the ward be it Hendon, Grangetown or the city centre.

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The vacant former industrial sites running through Hendon should be targeted for retail and housing development, and a supermarket outlet would be a welcome addition to the ward.

The ruling Labour group could have driven these changes but what did Hendon get?

We got a waste transfer depot where all the cities rubbish is dumped. We deserve better.

If elected I would campaign for the city centre road network to be rationalised and made more user-friendly.

The crisis that engulfed Children’s Services and caused it to be taken over by a Government appointed commissioner should not have happened.

In my view this came from the arrogance of power that permeates this council.

Helmut Izaks (Green)

I am standing For Hendon ward because I believe that our Labour-controlled local council is a totally undemocratic institution.

The cabinet, eight councillors all Labour (including Hendon’s Michael Mordey) make all the decisions.

Including the decision to close libraries some of which were sold for as little as £50,000 each, these decisions were never discussed in full council.

I would fight for democracy to be brought back to our council, Green councillors would not be subject to party whips.

We would demand that decisions made by the council which are objected too by more than 50 people will be discussed in full council and be subject to a free vote.

Vote for a fighting councillor. Vote for democracy. Vote Green.

Callum James Littlemore (LibDem)

I’m Callum James and I am standing for the council because I want to see real change where it matters most, locally.

For too long have we had the people giving us the same mantra “It’s not our fault, it’s someone else’s”.

We need fresh faces, brimming with new ideas and perspectives, people who will stand up and challenge the council on its decisions and hold it to account. How else how are we to protect our local services?

Without change I fear Sunderland will continue to lose what few, yet vital, services we have left and this alarms me.

Having grown up in this city I remember a time when it was so much better and while many things have changed since then the one unchanging feature is the council that runs it.

That’s why I feel the time is ripe to elect new people to the council.

Michael Mordey (Labour)

It is an honour to have served Hendon Ward, the community I grew up in, for the last eight years, and to be standing again as the Labour Party candidate this year. 

Communities like Hendon, Grangetown and the East End face huge challenges while this Tory Government remain in power, cutting further and further each year.

I am a proud local lad and I promise I will do all I can to stand up and protect our community in the years ahead, whatever hardship Cameron and Co throw at us.

I believe I am a hardworking local councillor – I knock on doors throughout the year, hold regular advice surgeries and attend various residents’ groups to keep up to date with local issues and help people wherever I can.

Help me continue working hard for our ward by giving me your vote on May 5.