Sunderland council elections: Who will get your vote in Copt Hill?

The countdown is on for the local elections on May 5. But who will get your vote in the Copt Hill ward of Houghton?

Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 1:21 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 2:23 pm
Copt Hill candidates, clockwise from top left, Reginald Coulson, Pat Francis, Kevin Johnston and Daniel Olaman.
Copt Hill candidates, clockwise from top left, Reginald Coulson, Pat Francis, Kevin Johnston and Daniel Olaman.

Reginald Coulson (UKIP)

Reg is very well known in Copt Hill and the surrounding area as he has lived in the Houghton area for most of his life and has worked as a driving instructor there for decades.

Always passionate about his local community, Reg was delighted to be elected to Hetton Town Council last year and be able to represent it.

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As well as being against development on green fields and green belt, Reg believes the re-opening of the Rainton Meadows/Fence Houses railway line will help reduce traffic congestion on local roads as well as benefiting the whole area by bringing Newcastle just 15-20 minutes away.

If elected, the first issue Reg wants to look at is what appears to be a policy of trial and error with the way Sunderland Council implements its traffic schemes and road markings, which he believes is stupid and costly.

Pat Francis (Conservative)

I decided to stand again in Copt Hill because people I talked to were desperate for a change.

People see the same old political group making the same mistakes affecting all of us.

One issue in particular has angered people and that is the failure of Children’s Services in Sunderland.

It is felt that if the Council can’t take care of the most vulnerable in the city how can they be trusted to run basic services.

I feel a strong opposition is needed to provide scrutiny of the council and to hold them in check.

I would campaign strongly for a reduction in the number of councillors. The current number of 75 costs around £1.3million, which cannot be right.

I also feel strongly about the provision of a good mix of housing built on brown field sites and that the green belt must be protected.

Kevin Johnston (Labour)

This is the first time I have stood for election and seek to represent the area where I was born, brought up and live today.

Through my work and Trade Union involvement I have gained experience of representing people.

Seeing at first-hand how government policy effects people and employment has sharpened my resolve to get involved in local politics.

As part of my apprenticeship I have spent the last two years knocking on doors with Labour colleagues and listening to residents. There is a lot right about where we live but we must address key issues in both Copt Hill ward and in the wider township of Houghton-le-Spring.

This election offers a chance to forge a revitalised Labour team of councillors committed to our community. If elected I will be a young councillor but in touch with my generation something I believe is needed in the council chamber.

Give me a chance to work for the place I love.

Daniel Olaman (Green)

If this sounds like begging… that’s because it is, go on, gizza job!

Mackems, Durhamites, Wearsiders… lend me your ears… Our city could be great, yet is failed repeatedly by one party rule. We need totally committed councillors and who care about the people they serve. Who’ll go the extra mile, communicate fully with you and fight service cuts and refuse frivolous expense!

About: I’m unemployed and finding it difficult to get work; if you vote green I will treat councillorship as a 100% full time job, representing and fighting for my hometown.

I’m LLB law qualified and can research large bodies of info quickly advocate positions using reasoned arguments.

I am quite innovative and creative and would love to put these talents in service to Copt Hill.

For more info please search ‘Daniel Olaman Copt Hill’ on facebook. Whoever you vote for though, please vote for change. Thank you.