Sunderland council elections: Who will get your vote in Castle ward?

The countdown is on for the local elections on May 5. Here are the candidates for the Castle ward on Sunderland council.

Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 2:33 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 3:33 pm
Candidates for the Castle ward, from left, Grant Shearer, Jack Stoker and Denny Wilson.

Grant Shearer (Conservative)

Like most people I have talked to regarding the local elections, I’m disappointed about the state of the city under Labour.

If elected in Castle, I will work hard to address the issues most important to the residents.

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Road safety and the condition of footpaths is a concern along with litter and dog fouling.

I also feel strongly that the number of councillors should be reduced to around 50, saving £400,000 per year.

Like the vast majority of people in Sunderland, I fail to understand why after the devastating report into the failed Children’s Services in Sunderland no councillor has resigned their position. This is wrong.

I will fight for honest accountable representation in Sunderland.

Jack Stoker (LibDem)

I’m running for councillor because I feel people need someone that they know and trust.

Me and my family have lived in the area for years, and local residents know me and know what I’m about; helping young people fulfil their potential, getting the council to stop wasting money, and fighting for improvements to Castletown, Hylton Castle and Town End Farm.

I share the same concerns and worries of my friends and neighbours, and think that it’s about time that we see a councillor that will actually bother to deliver something through the door and talk to residents outside election season. I want to be accountable, which Labour currently aren’t – they take our area for granted and think they know what is best. I disagree. If elected, I will put our area first – not just do what the council bosses tell me.

Denny Wilson (Labour)

I have lived in Castle Ward all my life, and my wife Joyce is from Hylton Castle.

My three sons also live here with their families so it is very personally important to me that we seek to improve the quality of life for everyone.

I have helped many residents resolve very personal problems affecting their lives and been involved in many of the bigger projects affecting all of us, like the future restoration of Hylton Castle.

The totally unnecessary Tory cutbacks will ensure that times will be tough for a lot of people in the future and they will need a lot of help just to get by.

I have proven to be a very active councillor, very much on the side of the people, and seek your vote for re-election.