Sunderland City Council Cabinet set to green light £370million-plus spending plans aimed at creating thousands of jobs

Plans for almost £400million spending to create thousands of jobs across Sunderland will go before council bosses next week.

Tuesday, 5th February 2019, 11:43 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 4:40 pm
The next stage of the Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor will connect the Northern Spire bridge to the city centre

A report on the four year capital spending programme to go to Sunderland City Council's Cabinet on Wednesday outlines how £158million is earmarked for new projects, on top of £219million already committed for existing plans, a total of £376.923million.

It includes a council contribution of £41million over the next four years to a new Civic Centre and Public Sector Hub development at the Vaux site.

The plan includes a 41million council contribution to a new Civic Centre and Public Sector Hub development on the Vaux site

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With Government grants and other external funding, other major projects for 2019/2023 include:* £61million on more development at the International Advanced Manufacturing Facility to help create more than 7,000 jobs and attract more than £400million of private sector investment;* £55million on Phase 3 of the Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor, the dual carriageway into the city centre from the south of the Northern Spire;* £10million on Coastal Defence works.The four year plan also includes £4.9million for a new Willow Fields Primary School, a £21million update with external funding of Sunderland Museum, Winter Gardens and Central Library, £15million on highways and bridge maintenance, and £3.9million on new vehicles, plant and equipment. Cabinet Secretary Coun Paul Stewart said: "As with any organisation or individual, this council has also to keep investing in and updating our city's infrastructure, our facilities and plant and machinery.

"Investment helps up grow our economy, promotes our city, makes us more resilient, and more attractive for residents, visitors and investors."The council's capital spending is funded by Government and other external grants, borrowing, money raised from receipts, such as land sales; and from its reserves. Other proposed investments for 2019/2023 include: * £2million at the Port of Sunderland;* £3.5million investment in Roker Park * £3million on redevelopment of the Parsons and Jack Crawford depots, including electric vehicle infrastructure;* £0.75million Hillthorn lorry park; * £1million on re-building Panns East Quay; * £0.4million of riverside investment; * £4.5million day centre updates; * £5.5million empty homes and neighbourhood renewal; * £2.3million homeless accommodation;* £0.080million improving children’s homes. Coun Stewart added: "Investment creates opportunities that help our city with extra council tax, new homes for workers, business rates, and land sale receipts, and these all contribute to the council and our city in the long-term.

"This includes helping city centre regeneration and unlocking more of the potential in the Vaux site with a new Civic Centre and Public Sector Hub development. All the council's investments are in line with our City Plan for creating a more dynamic, vibrant and healthy Sunderland." The report to Cabinet outlines the Capital Strategy and the City Plan and states: "Sunderland will be a dynamic city. This includes more and better jobs, an improved housing offer, improvements to the city centre and a focus on low carbon and digital connectivity.

"Sunderland will be a healthy city. This includes a focus on ensuring that everyone has access to opportunities and life chances to live healthier, longer, independent lives. There will be a focus on a more attractive city and neighbourhoods with better transport networks.

Coun Paul Stewart

"Sunderland will be a vibrant city. This includes more creative and cultural businesses, more visitors to Sunderland and more residents participating in their communities and cultural events. We want residents to feel happy in the neighbourhoods where they live and feel safe."Sunderland City Council's Cabinet meets from 2pm at Sunderland Civic Centre in Committee Room One. The final budget meeting is on Wednesday, March 6.