Sunderland chosen to host gigantic 300ft water slide

The water slide in Bristol.
The water slide in Bristol.
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Sunderland has won the race to play host to a massive outdoor water slide.

It follows overwhelming support for a social media drive by events company Sunderland Live, backed by the Echo.

Artist Luke Jerram installed a massive slide in Bristol earlier this year, with almost 100,000 people applying for the chance to take part.

Sunderland, Huddersfield, Kendal and Kingston-upon-Thames all expressed interest in staging a slide and promoter UK Slide Live promised to announce which venue had won the right to stage the event if its Facebook page hit 2,000 likes by yesterday.

In fact, it hit the target 24 hours early and yesterday afternoon came the announcement Sunderland had been waiting for.

Sunderland Live boss Chris Alexander paid tribute to the overwhelming support from Wearsiders for the plan: “The support from people, businesses and the media in the city has been absolutely incredible,” he said.

“It has really captured people’s imagination and we will now be firming up all our plans to make sure that this is a spectacular success for Sunderland.”

He was keen to emphasise how important popular support had been in making Wearslide a reality, and singled out the Echo’s backing for praise.

“Sunderland has demonstrated yet again how the public and businesses can rally round to make things happen,” he said.

“The coverage from the Sunderland Echo has been second to none and the number of people shouting out for the city has been great to see.

“In Bristol, 96,000 people wanted to take part and 65,000 people attended on the day – imagine what that would mean for the city’s businesses if we can now generate that sort of interest.”

The date and exact location for WearSlide will be confirmed at a later date and more details will be released on the UK Slide Facebook page –