Sunderland cancer teen’s New Year hope

Sharon Ede with her son Dylan Knox who is battling his second tumour.
Sharon Ede with her son Dylan Knox who is battling his second tumour.
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SCHOOLBOY Dylan Knox is hoping for a happy new year as he bravely battles cancer.

The 15-year-old is fighting Ewing’s sarcoma and has had a successful operation to remove a second tumour.

Dylan, of Lime Avenue, Houghton, was first diagnosed in July 2010 when he came home with a pain in his leg.

After surgery to remove the tumour last December, Dylan and his family were hopeful he would get the all-clear.

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But tests revealed that he had developed another tumour, this time behind his left lung.

Dylan, a pupil at Houghton Kepier School, has now had surgery to remove the tumour.

He said: “They took a bit of my lung away and they also took a bit of my rib as well.”

His doting mum Sharon Ede, also mum to Dylan’s brothers Michael, 17, and Nathan, eight, said: “It’s been a stressful time, but thankfully everything went well for him.

“As his operation was close to Christmas we thought he might still be in.

“But it’s worked out well and I’m pleased that he’s here rather than in there.”

In the new year, Dylan will begin extensive chemotherapy to hopefully rid his body of the disease.

“It’s going to be February when I start the high chemo and they’ve said I could be in for between two and six weeks.”

The family however is confident of him making a full recovery.

Sharon added: “We have faith in the hospital and the doctors there.”

Despite having treatment each weekday at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary, Dylan was regularly attending classes at school.

After his operation, the teenager is happy to be back at home and playing with his friends.

Sharon, 35, said: “He is getting out and about with his friends all the time. “As long as he is happy he feels OK he can do what he wants.”

Friends held a charity night for Dylan at Houghton Comrades Club with his family overwhelmed by the turnout.

Sharon added that she and Dylan wanted to thank those who helped raise £1,111 for him.

Sharon said: “We really appreciate it.”

“The night went really well and when Dylan finally gets the all-clear we’re going to use the money for a holiday for him.

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