Sunderland author Terry Deary’s new novel is specially for mobile phone

Terry Deary
Terry Deary
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WEARSIDE-BORN author Terry Deary has created the first children’s novel to be read on a mobile phone.

The 65-year-old has joined forces with rapper Chipmunk to produce what is believed to be the UK’s first keitai novel, a concise literary form pioneered in Japan.

The Perfect Poison Pills Plot was written on a Nokia E6 Qwerty phone and has been narrated by Chipmunk in a series of five short video clips.

A total of 1,600 words long, it is written as 16 chapters of 100 words, each the length of a text message. Users can download them to their mobile phone free, either as successive texts or as a series of video clips.

The book, launched this week, hopes to reach young people aged seven to 17.

Terry, whose Horrible Histories have sold more than £25million copies, said children need media they are comfortable with.