Sunderland Apprentice contender survives another challenge

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APPRENTICE star Katie Bulmer-Cooke still has the drive to succeed after safely negotiating another task.

The-mum-of-one, from Ashbrook, survived last night’s challenge, where contestants were tasked with putting on coach tour day trips for the best profit.

(left to right) Bianca Miller, Sanjay Sood-Smith and Jemma Bird in the boardroom.

(left to right) Bianca Miller, Sanjay Sood-Smith and Jemma Bird in the boardroom.

Entertainment agency owner Jemma Bird – who branded herself “always the girl that nearly wins” – was the one booted off.

The 26-year-old from Walsall was shown the boardroom door by Lord Sugar after a lacklustre performance as a history tour guide. She ended up in the firing line as a result of her sketchy knowledge while showing tourists around Hever Castle.

The qualified dance teacher declared in her application to be on the show: “I’m always the girl that nearly wins, I’m hoping this time it will be different.”

Bird explained she had no regrets about describing herself that way, as she spoke about her departure from the show.

She said: “You’re asked in the audition process to sell yourself and I’m clearly not the best at that. I’m surprised I got picked because I’m not a competitive person, and I think that’s what I meant by that.”

She added: “Lord Sugar would need someone who was a lot more fiery for a business partner.

“I couldn’t be that obnoxious, overly confident person, it’s just not me. I hope it is someone a bit quieter who goes forward and wins this series.

“There are people in there who don’t shout over the top of others and I’d like to think that they are the people who will go all the way.

“I did realise that I wasn’t a stereotypical candidate. I wasn’t doing and saying the same things as everyone else and I’m perhaps a little bit too down to earth.

“I think people do realise by being entertaining they may stay on a little longer. I didn’t really click onto that.”

During the episode, Bird was seen clashing with James Hill, who Lord Sugar has warned to take tasks more seriously.

But project manager Sanjay Sood-Smith chose to send his friend through to the next round and battle it out in the boardroom with Bird and Bianca Miller instead.