Sunderland 1 Stoke City 3: How SAFC fans reacted on Twitter to dreadful defeat

Sunderland slipped back down to 18th place in the Premier League following today's dreadful 3-1 defeat at home to Stoke.

Saturday, 14th January 2017, 4:46 pm
Updated Saturday, 14th January 2017, 4:51 pm
Fans walk out at 3-0 today. Picture by Frank Reid

The Potters scored three goals for only the second time ever in a league game on Wearside, and they came in 19 first-half minutes, courtesy of Marko Arnautovic’s brace and a Peter Crouch goal.

Here are how some Sunderland fans responded to the defeat. These were at least printable.

@sportmad72: I can’t defend #SAFC at all today. Awful. MOM: the fans that stayed till full time like myself

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@davidallison88: Mannone, Love, Denayer and Borini all terrible. Can’t carry four players

@NUllah21: Worst 35 bit of football ive ever seen from a home side... i think so

@MJacko1989: Awful from #safc As much as I dislike Moyes he’s not totally to blame. The likes of @VitoMannone88 @borinifabio29 need to step up

@NeilMarshall195: I don’t blame Short. I don’t blame Moyes. I blame Jack Rodwell! #TheCurseGoesOn

@juleseboo: Don’t know why we didn’t make a sub, maybe Moyes thought the ones who got us into the mess should try to get us out. It didn’t work

@marathon_mick69: Moyes really should start using the lads on the bench,cos they are going to be the nucleus of the side next season

@RobRaine180: Can you tweet something like. Ellis Short get out of our club!

@JWHendry46: Feel for the young players on the bench. 3-1 down and Moyes makes NO substitutions! So demoralising for them.

@MPotts1993: But remember...Didier Ndong is the real problem with this #SAFC team

@Discoking69: Absolutely shocking today I have nothing else to say about it

@RichieVeitch: #SAFC casually written off on Final Score, when will these pundits learn not to predict such things

@rshotton90: I’d happily drive Januzaj back to Manchester, or to Lyon, or any other club who want a petulant, gutless child to play or them

@DJSkelton: Just grim. Hard to see any positives from this horror show. Our home form was a straw we were clutching at before today

@hayd_28: Moyes not making a sub is a blatant cry for help. Can’t see Short coughing up and even if he did, who could we get? Worrying times.

@DoctorWhotch: Absolute shambles of a display. Useless. Nee chance I’m getting a season ticket next year. So done.

@waldron1994: Apparently we’re good at home. I’d love to know how.

@thedoctor_84: Left after 3rd stoke goal Still be there next game. Gave up on the season. Massive rebuilding ahead for us now. If we stay up.. bonus

@amikeoc: I’ll tell you what, 5 at the back at home to Stoke, totally outran in midfield. No idea where Denayer was playing today

@KyleW17715: another Gutless performance by the most average set of players I have ever seen in a Sunderland shirt.

@KerrieWilkinson: The curse of Jack Rodwell - LLDDLDDDLDLLLDLLLDLLDDLLDDDDLLDLLLDL. Iconic.