Stripping Susan Boyle act performs SuBo-esque burlesque

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A STRIPPING Susan Boyle act from Sunderland has teased his way to the World Burlesque Games.

Sean Coates claims to be the city’s only boylesque – male burlesque – performer and is in the running for Best British Male at the country’s biggest celebration of the art form.

The 30-year-old, from Plains Farm, will be performing one of his most memorable acts at the games in which he derobes while playing the role of SuBo.

Complete with wrinkled stockings, chintzy floral dress and curly wig, Sean steps into the Britain’s Got Talent runner-up’s sensible shoes for a comedy take on burlesque.

He will join scores of other burlesque performers from around the country for the sixth annual World Burlesque Games which take place in London in May.

“With the SuBo performance I wanted to create a character I could play with no limits,” he said. “She’s such a fun character because she’s so eccentric.

“It’s more a way of poking fun at TV talent shows than at Susan herself.”

Sean has performed his SuBo routine in Sunderland and around the country where she’s proving popular with burlesque audiences.

He said: “She gets an amazing reaction. You get girls with make-up running down their faces from laughter. Boylesque is quite a true form of burlesque.

“Burlesque was always meant to be satire, a way of the working classes poking fun at posh theatre. Everything was over the top and focused on the comedy side, rather than the sexy side of burlesque.”

Sean, who is a member Sunderland-based burlesque troupe the Coquette Collective, will also perform at the games as his alter ego Duke De Milo as well as showcasing a new act based on the Chicago song Razzle Dazzle.

“I was asked to host a teaser show for the games on Friday as Duke, which was great,” he said. “When I perform as Duke he’s all about the top hat and tails and lashes.

“My new act is about Razzle Dazzle, about wooing the audience by any means necessary, whether that be juggling or stripping.”

Speaking about how he got into burlesque performance, Sean said: “At first I was just compering events, but I decided to give it a go myself and I’ve never looked back.

“There are lots of boylesque performers in cities like Glasgow and London but as far as I’m aware I’m Sunderland’s only boylesque performer.”

The World Burlesque Games will take place at venues across London from May 7 to 13.

Sean said: “The games are a great way to see new acts with a view to bringing them up to Sunderland to perform at Coquette Collective nights.

“It’s good to bring something different and new to Sunderland.”

He added: “In our scene the World Burlesque Games are the biggest thing that goes on. They have about 1,000 people entering from across the country.”

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