Stranded teenagers rescued from rising tide

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TWO teenagers needed rescuing after becoming trapped by the rising tide.

Lifeboat crews from Sunderland RNLI were scrambled shortly after 4.30pm today after the 19-year-olds were stranded at the bottom of cliffs near Seaham Hall car park.

The police helicopter located the pair - a man from Seaham and woman from Thorney Close - and they were plucked to safety by lifeboat volunteers.

Ron Carroll, helmsman at Sunderland RNLI said: “The initial reports indicated that the teenagers were stranded at the bottom of cliffs 100m to the north of Seaham Hall car park. It was our priority to get on scene as quickly as possible because it was unclear how much time the teenagers had before the small beach they were on became covered by the rising tide.”

The pair were taken to Seaham Marina.

Ron added: “Thankfully with the assistance of the police helicopter we were able to quickly locate the teenagers and bring them onboard the inshore lifeboat. The RNLI advise that anyone taking part in coastal walking or other coastal activities should check the times of the tide to help ensure that their group does not become trapped by the rising tide. If you do find yourself stranded; you should make your way to the safest piece of high ground and dial 999 for the Coastguard.”