Stories of Great War soldiers

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AN exhibition created by Sunderland schoolchildren will go on view at Bede’s Bakehouse, in St Peter’s Church in the city.

The event will showcase a project where the children have been exploring and researching unique stories of the Sunderland soldiers who took part in the campaigns of the Great War.

The exhibition is free of charge and open to everyone on Sunday, February 16.

Pupils from Red House Academy spent the past half term exploring the key events of the Great War.

Working alongside Beamish Museum and the DLI Museum, they explored life on the Western and Home Front.

Now their work will go on display at Bede’s Bakehouse.

It is hoped the interest this project has generated will support and equip children, families and communities with the skills to delve further into the lives of their ancestors who fought in the First World War, in time for the centenary in 2014.

The First World War was fought across Europe, European colonies and the surrounding seas between August 1, 1914, and November 11, 1918.