Stolen bus crashes

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SUSPECTED joyriders left behind a trail of devastation after losing control of a stolen bus.

The single-decker Arriva vehicle ended up in a garden in Station Road, Shotton Colliery, after first careering into a line of parked cars and three telegraph poles.

Two cars and two vans were damaged and one of the electricity poles knocked down, leading firefighters to warn residents to stay in their homes for safety.

The crew from Peterlee cordoned off the area because of concerns the wires could be live, and waited for an engineer to arrive to isolate the supply.

A woman whose car had been hit by the vehicle was treated for shock by paramedics.

About 10 garden walls were damaged by the bus, which was made safe by the firefighters.

Investigations into the incident, which happened at about 10.20pm yesterday, are being carried out by police.