A step too far or time for something new? 23 things you said about Sunderland AFC's badge and how it could change

Fans have come up with a range of ideas for how Sunderland AFC's club crest should look going forward.

Wednesday, 31st October 2018, 8:36 am
Updated Thursday, 1st November 2018, 2:48 pm
Do you think the crest should change?

Following a meeting between Black Cats director Charlie Methven and the Supporters Collective group at the Stadium of Light, it was revealed that the club is "exploring" the possibility of changing the badge as part of a merchandising review.

An online poll, created by the Sunderland Echo, is showing that the majority of you are in favour of keeping the current badge, which was unveiled upon the club's move from Roker Park for the 1997/98 season.

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But some of you have called for a return to the old badge, while others are more in favour of "rolling with" the new regime.

Mr Methven reiterated that nothing would be decided without a "dialogue" with the fans, to understand what the market wants.

Here's what you had to say about the idea on social media:

John G Hellens: "I didn't like it from the start. I got a petition up with the help of a few others. Thousands signed it but the club dismissed it."

Do you think the crest should change?

Sarah Clarke: "Don’t mind the badge change if they listen to what the fans want and give them a say/vote, but you can’t change the black cats?"

Tom Booth: "Fine the one we have. The old one looks old now .There's now magic formula for crests so can only imagine it's to do with cost .Leave it."

Andy Slater: "At least wait until the 140 year anniversary of the club then change it. Maybe? I for one don’t mind this crest."

John Stead: "I liked the ship badge cos it represented our ship building heritage, if we do change it should have our current workplaces, i.e. a phone for all the call centres or a pic of a Nissan car?"

The badge was introduced for the 1997/98 season.

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Richie Timm: "Bring back the old badge."

Phil Williams: "Maybe too much too soon. Lots of change in last few months, all good so far but don't try too much too soon. Stabilisation & promotion.

"Get back to where we should be and then the small changes can be discussed. At this point, there is no need."

Charlie Methven, the club's executive director.

Neil M Robinson: "20 years ago you all whinged when they changed the old one."

Chris Warne: "No one wanted to change the last one, as long as its not like the Leeds badge! I would be open to it, but maybe put it to a vote, let the fans decide ... new regime and all that!"

Sean Connelly: "Change the name of the stadium before badge."

Connie Foster: "I agree, they should go back to the one they used before."

Margaret Crosbie: "Don't you dare change it it's our badge."

John Anderson: "I can't understand why a club would want to change it's badge. I know you have changed it before but has the club no respect for it's tradition or history?"

Wesley Dougie Allen: "Yes! Change it go old fashioned again. Current one looks dated and childish."

Maurice Alderson: "If they change the badge they will then need to change some of the seats at the SoL (again) because they carry the present design."

Steven Lorraine: "For something 'more simple' - it'll only be decent if they go back to the old badge. That would be a right touch."

Chris Sumby: "How to undo four months worth of good work in one go!"

Eddie Sanderson: "I’ve never really warmed to the current badge, much preferred the ship one."

B.M. Capey: "Happy if it's something a bit less fussy/more minimalist."

Craig Thompson: "Don't change it nothing wrong with it, incorporates Penshaw, the Wear bridge & a colliery wheel."

Kyle Stokoe: "Never liked this badge always thought It was too similar to the scum's badge."

Darren Meldrum: "We've changed ownership , we've changed the manager we've changed the squad , we've changed the pink seats , changing the badge is a step too far."

Carl Wayman: "Roll with it they seem to know what they're doing."