Spending all your pocket money on mix-ups at Redby tuck shop

We love it when one photograph brings back so many happy memories – and this one certainly did.

Thursday, 21st March 2019, 10:00 am
Back to 1970 for this view of J Johnsons shop in Fulwell Road.

We shared an image of J Johnson’s shop in Fulwell Road, Sunderland.

It was taken in 1970 and it prompted the same response from many of you – who said: “Redby tuck shop.”

Derwent Street in the 1970s. Which of these shops do you remember?

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The scene got the attention of more than 17,000 people on social media and here’s what some of you had to say.

Let’s start with Rachael Mason who commented: “That’s my grandparents shop,Joyce & Billy xx.”

And Kathleen Sherriff replied: “I went to Redby School and spent my pocket money in your grandparents shop.”

Lynda Wood said it was “My favourite shop jubblies potatoes with the charm in the middle. Imagine selling that now. Loved this shop.”

Christopher Dunn said: “Redby tuck shop” while Bryan Parkin reminisced: “One of the best shops ever when I was a kid. Also liked going to Priors at Fulwell crossing to get stuff out of the penny box.”

Anthony Longford gets our thanks for his comments. He said: “Loved shops like this one. Used to love going into Vera’s in Atkinson Road as well. It was like Open All Hours!!”

Angela Dale replied: “Anthony we loved Vera’s as well! Did you get the cakes from there?” And Anthony answered: “oh yes! Loved them.”

Jean Rowell said: “Sold fab cooked ham” and later added: “Used to love the mix ups from the window lol.”

And in yet another post, she added: “And opal fruits.” Our thanks go to Jean for some wonderful memories.

The sweet-toothed among you had plenty to say as well including Claire Lowden Donkin who remembered: “I loved their sarsaparilla lollipops. I used to buy one after coming home from Redby School.”

Leslie Yeo was “a regular” while Paul Booth said: “My mam and dad had Redby tuck shop for a while, was great popping in after hours for some sweets.”

Thanks also to Julie Booth who said she was there “Everyday from Redby School. Redby Tuck shop x.”

And to Simon Wade who said: “Redby Tuck Shop! Amazing how you almost forget about these things until you see pictures like this. Nice fella that ran it, anarl.”

Maureen Henry Worked there in 1953 when she was 16 and added: “Lovely Billy and Joyce.”

Marleene Robinson said: “Loved Redby Tuck Shop, spent my pocket money on rhubarb rock when I came out of school.”

Liz Brewis walked past it ‘and into it many a time lived round the corner’.

Jacqui Trotter said she ‘used to go in regular when visiting nana’ while June Humphries ‘went in there before going to game’.

Jean Seymour said: “Remember it well. Another sweet shop a few doors down.”

And Debra Graham commented: “Bought sweets there after school on a Friday.”

David Newton remembered: “I lived in Francis Street and pocket money was spent in there and for a treat a tin of Imps. The window was brilliant for a game of ‘bags I’.”

Gordon Yule recalled the days when he “used my ration book there as a kid. Had the biggest tins of spam I’d ever seen.”

Peter Davison said: “Remember it well” while Jeremy Jed Wade said: “Had a little window they sold sweets out of.”

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From the same era, we have another reminder of 1970s Sunderland shops. Here’s a scene in Derwent Street, showing Feathers, Maurice Velody’s, and Ramshaws.

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