South Australia premier will apologise to grieving Sunderland husband after authorities refuse to recognise same-sex marriage following honeymoon death

Screengrab of tweeted pictures.
Screengrab of tweeted pictures.

The top politician of the state which refused to recognise the same-sex marriage of a Sunderland couple is to apologise to a grieving husband.

David Bulmer-Rizzi, 32, was killed when he fell down a flight of stairs while on honeymoon in Adelaide with his husband Marco.

The couple were married in the UK last year, but under South Australian law their marital status was not recognised. The state is one of a number in the country which does not allow same-sex marriage.

The situation meant David Bulmer-Rizzi's death certificate was stamped "never married".

"When the funeral director came that's when I was told that because Australia doesn't recognise same-sex marriage, it [the death certificate] will say 'never married'," Marco Bulmer-Rizzi told Buzzfeed News.

"I asked at that point whether it was possible to say nothing [about his marital status], and I was told, 'No, that's not one of the drop down options on the computer'.

"I couldn't refuse. There was nothing I could have done. They wouldn't say married. They wouldn't leave it blank. They would only say, 'never married'. This was confirmed by email because we complained afterwards."

Jay Weatherill, the South Australian Premier, told Australian news provider ABC he wanted to offer a personal apology to David Bulmer-Rizzi's family.

He said: ""It is another example of how senseless discrimination of sexual orientation can cause pain and hurt."