Sony announces PlayStation 4 Pro with 4K gaming

Sony has announced its next generation games console, the high-powered PlayStation 4 Pro which will support 4K resolution gaming for the first time.

Thursday, 8th September 2016, 10:19 am
Updated Monday, 12th September 2016, 4:18 pm
Do you own a PlayStation 4 (pictured)? Would you be tempted to upgrade?

The new console will also support high dynamic range (HDR) video and gaming playback - the first games console to do so - enabling better visuals and more detail in games.

A new slimmer version of the existing PS4 console was also unveiled at an event in New York.

PlayStation chief Andrew House said: "More than three and a half years ago, I stood on stage in New York to unveil PlayStation 4, which captured our vision for the future of gaming.

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"That vision placed the gamer at the centre of the PlayStation ecosystem and empowered developers to create transformative experiences.

"This afternoon I returned to New York for another PlayStation meeting to discuss the evolution of the PlayStation 4 platform and introduce PS4 Pro. This new high-end PS4 will sit alongside the new slimmer, lighter PS4, which we officially unveiled today."

The PS 4 Pro will launch on November 10 and will come with a one terabyte hard drive as well as more power to support PlayStation VR, which launches in October.

The slimmer PS 4 is 30% smaller, 16% lighter and 28% more power efficient, Mr House said, and will go on sale for 299 US dollars (£224), wiith the Pro at 399 US dollars (£299).

The two consoles will be fierce opposition for Microsoft's new slimmer Xbox One S and its high-powered Project Scorpio, which will launch at the end of next year.

PlayStation confirmed that most of the major games titles due to launch in the coming months, including Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare, will be able to support the PS Pro's extra capabilities straight out of the box.