Son hit mum with picture frame and threatened her with knife - because she didn't give him a cigarette

A son who hit his mum with a picture frame then threatened her with a knife after he was refused a cigarette has been put behind bars.

Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 15:19 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 15:24 pm
Curtis Lawton

Curtis Lawton "lost the plot" after his mother told him she did not have a cigarette to give him when he woke her up last September 20.

Prosecutor Claire Anderson told Newcastle Crown Court: "She was asleep in her bedroom when the defendant entered, demanding a cigarette.

"She informed the defendant she did not have one, to which he responded by picking up a picture frame and using it to hit her over the head, while, again, shouting he wanted a cigarette."

The court heard the mum left the house due to her son's aggression but the 19-year-old followed her into the street.

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Miss Anderson said: "He pushed her with both hands, causing her to fall over onto a grassed area.

"The defendant then returned to the property and by the time she had managed to get to her feet, she saw the defendant in possession of a silver kitchen knife, which had a blade of around four inches.

"The defendant ran towards his mother, with the kitchen knife, while screaming at her."

The court heard Lawton's sister, who lives nearby, saw what was going on and took their mother into her home for refuge.

Lawton then stood outside the house. "shouting and swearing" at the women inside.

The court heard Lawton handed himself into Southwick police station two days later and admitted he had "lost his temper" inside his mother's house and once outside had gone "into rage mode".

He confessed he felt bad for what he did but explained he had "lost the plot".

Lawton's mum told police in a statement: "At the time I was shocked at how he reacted to wanting a cigarette.

"I was scared of what he was going to do to me with the knife."

The court heard the mum's fear has since subsided but she has said she does not want her son back in her home.

Lawton, of High Street East, Sunderland, admitted common assault and threatening another with a bladed article.

At the time he was on a community order for three offences of criminal damage.

Judge Edward Bindloss sentenced him to six months behind bars.

The judge told him; "You entered her room and demanded a cigarette. She refused, or didn't provide you with one.

"You hit her over the head with a picture frame, causing no injury.

"She went downstairs. You were aggressive.

"She went out into the street. You followed her. You got a knife with a four inch blade and you ran at her."

The judge added: "You said you had lost your temper and were in a rage."

Judge Bindloss said the offences were "nasty" but against a "complex and troubling" background.

The court heard Lawton, who had a troubled childhood and struggles with emotional control, had written a letter to the court, which included: "I love my mother more than words."

Jennifer Coxon, defending, said Lawton realises he needs help with his problems and added: "He is deeply remorseful.

"He has found his time (on remand) in custody difficult. He describes he feels, essentially, lost without his mother.

"He is deeply upset he behaved in such a way."