Son dies in dad’s arms

Kevin Forster
Kevin Forster
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A DAD tried in vain to save his son as he lay dying in his arms.

Heartbroken David Forster told how his son, Kevin, suddenly collapsed and died outside their family home.

The pair had just finished fitting a carburettor on to 22-year-old Kevin’s Yamaha DTR motorbike when he fell to the ground.

David, 53, quickly tried to resuscitate his youngest son but was unable to bring him back to life.

He today said: “He was on the bike revving the engine to see if it was working. He switched it off and suddenly he went quiet.

“He started to rock and then leaned right over. I took him down to the floor and he started gasping for air.

“His eyes went up and that was it, he’d gone. We phoned the ambulance and they said to try CPR but it was too late.

“I’m just pleased I was with him at the time because I know he didn’t feel anything.

“I think it’s best that he passed in my arms.”

Kevin, of Kidderminster Square, Downhill, was taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital last Friday but attempts to save him failed.

An autopsy revealed he died after one of his arteries burst, causing his heart to stop – a condition that happens to one in 100,000 people under the age of 40.

The former Boldon Comprehensive pupil went to hospital in February with severe chest pains but medics were unable to find a cause.

Since then he complained of minor chest pains but nothing to make him seek further medical attention.

“This came as a total shock,” David said. “They reckon even if he’d been in hospital at the time there is a high percentage he wouldn’t survive, it was that sudden.”

Kevin’s family today described the popular young man, whose passion was motorbikes, jet skis and fast cars, as kind-hearted, caring and energetic.

Brother Anthony, 24, said: “He was always one for helping people. When we had the bad snow, nobody could get up the bank.

“He managed to in his car and went up there with a tow rope and was helping people he didn’t even know. That’s just what he was like.

“He will never be forgotten.”

Mum Evelyn Monks, 46, added: “Everybody loved him and he’d do anything for anybody.

“He liked to help anybody out and was so popular.”

The family would like to thank everyone for their support and Kevin’s pal, Gav, who was also there when he collapsed, for phoning the ambulance.

Kevin also leaves behind his sister Amanda, 26, and girlfriend of nine months Ashleigh Crow, 19.

A funeral will take place on Wednesday, at 11am, at St Bede’s Church, Town End Farm, followed by internment at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery at noon.

A Facebook page has now been set up in Kevin’s memory.

Hundreds of grieving friends and relatives have left comments to the much-loved Wearsider.

Rebecca Dixon said: “RIP Kev, hope you getting well looked after up there, doesn’t feel real. You will never ever be forgotten.”

Tara Whelam said: “Can’t believe you’re gone, far too young for you to leave us mate.”

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