'Something to be excited about' and 'any beer tasting jobs going?' - 10 things you said about Vaux's impending return to Sunderland

Sunderland Echo readers have been quick to raise a glass to the impending return of the famous Vaux brewing name to the city.

Friday, 15th February 2019, 12:34 pm
Updated Saturday, 16th February 2019, 9:02 am
From left to right, Vaux Brewery team Ross Palmer, Matthew Jackson, Michael Thompson and Steven Smith.

Our exclusive story on Thursday triggered dozens of mainly positive responses from readers on our Echo Facebook page.

From left to right, Vaux Brewery team Ross Palmer, Matthew Jackson, Michael Thompson and Steven Smith.

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Michael Stephen Dosh said: "It would be great to have Vaux back in our city centre. Here's hoping."

Benjamin Taylor added: "Finally, something to be excited about."

The new beers are provisionally timed to arrive just months before the 20th anniversary of the original brewery's closure in July.

Denise Ridley reminisced: "My late dad Ronnie Candler worked for years for Vaux. To see Vaux back in Sunderland would be fantastic."

Grant Bowater wrote: "I would have stayed there until I retired. Loved that job and the people."

Jayne Ling recalled the original brewery's famous dray deliveries and added: "Loved the horses."

To which Eveline Barker replied: "And the smell of hops."

While the sight of Vaux's dray horses travelling around the city is unfortunately a distant memory, many of Vaux's flagship beers such as Double Maxim and Samson are still flourishing.

James Sills pondered: "Be interested to know what they will brew as most of the old classic recipes were bought by the Maxim Brewery."

While the new company is considering reviving other Vaux recipes, its first four beers are likely to be two new Indian Pale Ales (IPAs), a German-style lager and a bitter.

Alan Crompton wrote: "Good luck lads. Make sure at least one of the IPAs is a strong one."

Our story certainly travelled across the globe with Lindsey Burdett writing: "Cannot wait to visit. Huzzah to those lads from here in Portland, Oregon, aka Beervana."

With the new Vaux Brewery hoping to open a micro brewery and adjoining tap room, there is also the question of potential job opportunities.

Kev Miller said: "Brilliant. Any beer tasting jobs going? Nearly 30 years experience."