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For the week covering 16th – 22nd March 2013

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Bianca is still enduring every mother’s worst nightmare this week, as son Liam continues to go off the rails. Now embroiled within a dangerous gang, Liam refuses to listen to his mum’s pleas to keep away from them. Resorting to desperate measures, Bianca locks him up in his bedroom. Will this be enough to deter the lad? Meanwhile, Tanya has got the perfect ammunition to wind up ex-hubby Max – by going on a date with Phil! The unlikely pairing also causes discomfort for Sharon, and it looks as if things could be getting serious when Tanya and Phil share a kiss… Also in Walford, Ava turns Billy’s head as he tries to impress her with his mechanical ‘skills’. Finally, Kat and Alfie are still at loggerheads over Tommy.

Coronation Street

There’s terror in the Street this week, as a ferocious fire takes hold at the Rovers! It happens as the local lads are taking part in a charity ‘Full Monty’ night at the Bistro, and love-rivals Stella and Sunita have a furious showdown while they’re waiting for the show to start. Fed up of Sunita, Stella retires home for some peace and quiet – but before long, a dramatic twist of events sees Sunita unconscious in the cellar, and Stella trapped upstairs as the pub catches light. The Street’s frightened residents watch on – but who will make it out of the inferno alive? Elsewhere, Chesney and Katy’s relationship lays in tatters as he refuses to forgive her for cheating on him with Ryan. And Kylie pleads with Gail to return home, insisting she will never cheat on David again…


Jai is furious this week, after he returns from his business trip in France – only to discover that wife Charity has recently slept with Declan! The shocking truth comes out as Cameron finds out Charity’s secret and subsequently blackmails her. She has no choice but to fess up to her husband, but will Declan’s wife Katie discover the truth as well? Meanwhile in the village, Edna tentatively moves back into her house, but she isn’t alone for long as Sandy moves in as her lodger… Also, Belle continues to rebel against her parents and tries to sneak away to steal some moments with her new boyfriend, Thomas. And after a wedding brochure photo shoot goes awry for Priya and David, Alicia ends up having to take the bride’s place!


It’s an explosive exit for Brendan Brady this week, as the smooth criminal’s days in Chester are well and truly numbered. With arch nemesis Walker gunning for revenge, it could be him who orchestrates Brendan’s downfall. Also on the warpath is Seamus, whose past abuse of his son proves he’s capable of terrible things. With Ste and Cheryl also part of the mix, how will Brendan depart – and will this be the last we see of him? Elsewhere, the Savages are reeling when Dodger, Sienna, Will and Liberty’s mum reappears after so many years away… Meanwhile in the village, Darren inadvertently gains a winning betting slip, but will he decide to cash it in? And Dr Browning returns from his trip to Las Vegas with Mercedes to deliver some shocking news for Myra.


Sarah is still causing ructions in Susan and Karl’s lives this week, as Susan grows jealous of the woman’s closeness to her estranged husband. Reaching her limit, Susan makes a surprising decision when she hands Karl divorce papers. But with his hopes for a possible reconciliation ruined, the move only succeeds in pushing Karl further into Sarah’s arms… Across Ramsay Street, Kyle and Georgia carry on ignoring their feelings for each other. As Sheila and Angie put their two pence worth into the situation, Georgia comes to a decision about her current relationship with Scotty. Will Kyle and Georgia come clean about how they feel? Also, it becomes clear that the Turner family are hiding some dark secrets, and Chris is worried about Lucas’ reaction if he were to find out about him borrowing money from Ralphie.

Home and Away

Roo is heartbroken this week, when Maddy and Spencer leave Summer Bay to return home. In recent weeks, she and Harvey have become attached to the runaway teens. But as they wave goodbye, will they see the young pair again? Also in Summer Bay, there’s a power struggle at Angelo’s as Heath demotes Liam and promotes himself to manager. Liam watches gleefully when Heath struggles with keeping the establishment afloat – but Liam’s grudge seems to run deeper when he steals money from the till… Elsewhere, Sasha discovers some startling facts about Rosie when she visits her at her home. And roles are reversed as Dex is a pillar of strength for Sid after the doctor checks himself into a psychiatric facility.