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Robot is resting and watching tv
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Tamwar is viciously mugged by a dangerous gang wreaking havoc in Albert Square this week. As his friends and loved ones rally round, it dawns on a horrified Bianca that Liam was in on the attack. And when it later transpires that her wayward son is part of the vile mob, Bianca heads off to a dodgy estate to confront the lads… Meanwhile, Abi unintentionally causes Tanya grief when she oversleeps at Jay’s house. As she arrives back home in the middle of the night, Tanya demands to know where her daughter has been… Also, Denise and Ian grow closer as they spend the night together – but both are determined to keep their blossoming relationship a secret. Finally, Alfie consults his solicitor when he and Kat lock horns over Tommy.

Coronation Street

Katy can’t keep away from Ryan this week, and is consumed with jealousy when he begins dating her friend, Steph. But after Katy successfully manages to split them up, she and Ryan end up kissing! Are they about to be caught out? Elsewhere on the cobbles, Karl and Jason engage in a series of pranks to outdo one another in the fight for Stella’s affections. But Karl seems to take one prank too far. Will there be serious repercussions? Meanwhile, Sunita realises she was foolish to let Dev go, and the estranged pair have an emotional heart to heart. That is, until Stella sticks the knife in… Also Sally’s getting fed up with Gail living with her, and complains to Sophie about how annoying her new houseguest is!


Cain is left feeling very unsettled this week, as Debbie’s personality continues its dark transition. Her determination to get as much money as possible includes taking the hard line with Cain’s girlfriend, Moira, and allowing Robbie to take some big risks for her own benefit. Has the old Debbie been lost for good? Across the village, Brenda seeks comfort in Dan when he finds out about her brain tumour. But poor Bob remains unaware of her condition – and believes that she and Dan are now an item… Elsewhere, Katie is devastated when her horse dies, and instantly blames vet Vanessa – who treated him prior to his death. This spells big trouble for Rhona and Paddy, who face the harsh possibility of losing the surgery…


Maxine’s life is in deadly danger this week, as she tries desperately to escape her hostage hell with Kevin. When the pair share a touching heart to heart, Maxine convinces him to let her go, and they plot to escape from evil Walker. But will the pair actually succeed in their plan? Elsewhere, Cheryl finally makes a good impression on Nate’s mum – and is shocked when her boyfriend proposes! And with the pair now engaged, Nate’s mother reveals Nate’s inheritance… Also, Will is rattled when Leanne winds him up about the amount of time he’s spending with Texas, and he starts plotting to drive a wedge between the friends. Finally, Diane refuses Sinead’s offer to adopt her unborn baby – but can Sinead get Diane to change her mind?


Toadie and Sonya had better brace themselves this week, because Toadie’s formidable mum, Angie, is back! Visiting Ramsay Street to see her new granddaughter, Nell, Angie doesn’t waste any time in interfering in her son’s life… Meanwhile, Susan is struggling to cope with Sarah’s return to Erinsborough. She can’t hold her anger in for long, and finally explodes. But will her frustrations push Sarah into Karl’s arms? Also this week, Lucas and Vanessa try to deal with their concerns for baby Patrick in their own way, but it remains to be seen whether they seek comfort in each other. And Chris is experiencing terrifying flashbacks of the car accident as he tries desperately to avoid facing up to his painful memories.

Home and Away

Heath’s worst nightmare comes true this week when Adam kidnaps Darcy! Adam blackmails Heath by promising Darcy’s safety as long as Heath does one last job. Sacrificing his own safety, Brax steps in and takes Heath’s place – but has Brax made a huge mistake? Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Dexter, Indi, Romeo and April are deeply worried about Sid. He’s distant and down, but adamant that nothing is wrong. However, after an incident at the hospital, will Sid admit the truth and seek help? Meanwhile, Maddy’s rushed to hospital with meningitis, leaving Roo riddled with guilt. And Tamara is shocked when her ex-boyfriend, Nelson, arrives in town ­– and he’s on a mission to drag Tamara back home…

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