Sniper Elite V2: Game of the Year Edition: PS3: Shooter: £24.99

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IF you’re a shooter fan, you’ll know that feeling of excitement as you come across a sniper rifle for the first time in a game.

There’s something so satisfying about taking out an enemy from hundreds of metres away, so why not make that the central premise of a game?

Sniper Elite V2 does just that, and while closer range shoot-outs are still an option, it’s when you’re on your belly picking off your Nazi targets in this WWII world that the game really comes to life, challenging you to control your aim against the wind and real-life bullet drop physics, plus your own breathing techniques.

Enemies may seem a little too eagle-eyed at times to be true, but overall this is a superb interactive insight to the life of the battlefield’s lonesome sniper heroes.

This is a PS3 hit that strikes right in the bullseye.