Snap to it to showcase your work in Friday Photos

GREAT SHOT: A Roker sunrise by Friday Photographer Alan Dingwall.
GREAT SHOT: A Roker sunrise by Friday Photographer Alan Dingwall.
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DO you love photography? Would you like to see your work get the appreciation it deserves? Then Friday Photos is the feature for you.

Every week the Echo puts a local photographer in the spotlight with a double page spread showcasing their skill and creativity.

Since it started last year, Friday Photos has proven very popular with Wearside’s snappers, but we’d love to see even more of your amazing shots.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been at it for long, Friday Photos isn’t a competition, it’s a celebration of all kinds of photography and photographers of every level of experience.

Over the past few months we’ve had everything from landscape, portrait and still life to gritty urban scenes, travel photography and even bizarre experimental images – we want to see it all!

Maybe you’re a member of a photography club, a student taking a photography GCSE or A-level or just someone who always carries a camera with them wherever they go?

Or perhaps you’re not a photographer, but one of your family members or friends is?  

Why not let them know about Friday Photos so their work seen by tens of thousands of readers?

We’d especially like to see more from younger photographers to see what the next generation of snappers is up to, and veterans who might have some images from the pre-digital days hidden away.

And don’t worry if you’ve already been featured in Friday Photos, we’d love to see some more of your work, so feel free to get back in touch.

To find out how you can take part, see this week’s feature on Pages 32 and 57, where you can find all of the details to get involved.