Slinky mum Jess feels like a new woman

After shedding more than 4st, Jess Scaife says she feels like a new woman.
After shedding more than 4st, Jess Scaife says she feels like a new woman.
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A mum-of-two has gone from being obese to a slinky size 8.

Jess Scaife, 35, from Hetton, was obese on the BMI scale this time last year, but after shedding more than 4st she says she now feels like a new woman.

Like most people, Jess indulged over the festive season and in January 2015, after tipping the scales at 13st 13½lbs, she decided to start attending Slimming World.

In 36 weeks she lost 4st 4lbs, went from a dress size 16-18 to an 8-10, and saw her BMI plummet from 30-23.

Jess, who works as an analyst for an insurance company, said: “Like most people, I’d tried other diets. But tried and failed, I’d struggled for a long time.”

But attending Slimming World at Glendale Social Club in Houghton proved just what she needed.

“I think this club worked where others hadn’t because of a combination of my will power and the fact it’s a good group,” she explained.

Jess, whose daughters are eight and four, added: “One of the triggers was when I was doing one of the milkshake diets as a replacement for meals. My girls said to me ‘mum, why aren’t you eating food like us.’

“Going to the doctors and being told you’re obese is a trigger too. When you’re overweight a lot of health problems are put down to your weight.

“I feel so much healthier now. I’ve taken up power walking twice a week and I can do stuff with the girls that I couldn’t do before without being out of breath.”

Jess, who is married to Tony, added: “People have really noticed the difference in me, they say they can’t believe the change. Not only in my appearance, but in the fact I’m happier in myself.

“Things like a night out used to be a nightmare in finding something to wear and getting ready, but now I can just get ready and go out, which my husband thinks is great.”

Jess was awarded the title of Miss Slinky 2015 for her slimming group and was short-listed in a national Slimming World competition, now she’s hoping to inspire other women.

•Slimming World meets at Glendale Social Club, Houghton, on Mondays at 9.30am, 5pm and 7pm. Contact 07881 981455.