Six times snakes have caused a stir in the Sunderland area

News that a cobra was reported missing in a taxi in Sunderland have caused alarm - particularly among those with a fear of snakes.

Thursday, 16th August 2018, 12:10 pm
Updated Thursday, 16th August 2018, 2:53 pm
Picture from Pixabay

The reptile was apparently left in a bag in the boot of the taxi when its owner was picked up at a rank in Sunderland- but a search of cabs has so far failed to find it.

As the mystery of the cobra continues, here's a look at six other times loose snakes have caused a stir in and around Sunderland:

1) Snake in a drain! When a teacher ended up sharing a shower with a serpent on Halloween

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Computing science teacher Guy Morrissey got a shock when a snake slithered out of the overflow while he was taking a shower, on Halloween of all days.

Thankfully it turned it turned out to be a non-poisonous corn snake - but still gave him quite the fright nonetheless.

The cross between a corn snake and a blackrat snake eventually turned up in a backyard nearby. How he spent his time on the loose, we'll never know.

Read the full story here3) The toilet snake which sent a man running into the street at 2.30am

Nathan Walker fled his home after a toilet trip following late-night movie session gave him more of a shock than any thriller ever could.

Read the full story here4) The stripper's snakes which went looking for warmth

Retiring pest control officer Eddie Simpson shared some of his many stories with us on his last day on the job in 2010,

Among them was the case of the stripper's snakes. The woman, who used the serpents in her act, phoned up to say the animals had gone missing after she moved out of a property.

Eddie was unable to find them in her home, but later got a call from a neighbour who'd found them wrapped round the their boiler.

Read the full story here5) Snake by a train? The Metro station snake which is still on the loose

The RSPCA is still after information over a snake which spotted on a fence near Brockley Whins Metro station.

A vivarium tank was found nearby and it is thought the animal had been dumped

Read the full story here6) The six-foot Cuban snake on the loose

Police issued an appeal after 6ft Cuban boa snake went missing in the village of Wingate, near Peterlee.

Officers said the serpent was unlikely to attack humans, but warned them not to approach it.