Sirius business for Viz writer and stand-up Simon Donald

North East funnyman Simon Donald helped a Wearside telecoms firm launch its cutting edge new service.

Monday, 7th January 2019, 12:18 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 12:42 pm
Simon Donald entertains the audience.

The Viz writer and stand-up took centre stage as Washington-based Sirius Telecom revealed it has secured exclusive regional rights to software offering unique, cutting edge customer service in terms of how companies handle multi-channel comms such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, SMS, web and email.

The software, which was written by founder and CEO of Manchester based company Gnatta, Jack Barmby, has already been successfully used by retail giant ASOS to handle its online presence.

Simon Donald gave the launch a humorous edge, giving hilarious examples of customer service and the frequency that the public now take to social media and other channels to share their customer service views and experiences.

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He was joined by Jack Barmby and Sirius Operations Manager Jolene Sundin for the launch at The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle.

“In simple terms, this is unique software that puts multi-channel business enquiries from social media, email, SMS, web chat, telephony and Whatsapp ‘on your desk’ within seconds, in real time,” said Jolene.

“We already know that 97 per cent of customers are now multichannel users, each with an average of 5.6 comms channels, so speed of response can save a company thousands, if not millions in employee hours, turnover and reputation, eliminating human error in the process.

“This is set to change customer service interaction as we know it”.

The software was written by tech guru and CEO Jack Barmby, who founded his company Gnatta in Bury, Manchester in 2012 when he was 19.

The company specialises in connecting data from all the online systems and channels that business increasingly use to communicate with their customers.

“The platform sits between your systems as a layer of glue that brings everything together,” he said.

“It is a unique, agile and bespoke solution that keeps you ahead of the constantly evolving, modern consumer as every interaction with an individual becomes part of a connected conversation”.

Sirius Telecom is offering a free month’s trial to companies in the region until January 15.