Sing Party with Wii U Wired Microphone: Wii U: Music: £49.99

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THE new singing and dancing franchise for the Wii U makes for an instant party in your house.

You might think that you’ve seen it all when it comes to karaoke-style sing-a-thons, but Sing Party proves there are plenty more tricks to bring to the stage.

The GamePad’s touchscreen proves to be the perfect partner to your microphone, offering a host of options, from displaying song lyrics and setting up playlists to changing music levels and altering the backing track in real time.

These are fantastic options to pore over in single-player mode, on more than 50 tracks spanning five decades, but the real fun is to be had in Party mode.

Here, musical instruments can be thrown into the mix, using the Wii Remotes, transforming a room of people watching their pal perform into virtual bandmates.

Whether it’s Katy Perry, Kim Wilde or Katrina And The Waves that floats your karaoke boat, Sing Party will ensure your living room concert will go off with a bang!